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Final Fantasy VII Re-released for PC

Final Fantasy VII Re-released for PC

Information - posted by Crooked Bee on Wed 15 August 2012, 11:26:05

Tags: Final Fantasy VII; Square Enix

As RockPaperShotgun informs us, the updated PC version of Final Fantasy VII that makes it compatible with modern systems has been released today, also featuring cloud saves and an in-game cheat feature. I'm not making that up.

It already happened once, but that didn’t stop Square Enix from doing it again and releasing Final Fantasy VII on the PC. Unlike the majority off re-releases, there’s not even a hint of HD about this return to the most beloved game JRPG of the PlayStation 1 generation. So what gives?

The update are more about groundwork so it can be played on modern systems. So while you can download it and play it on your quad-core Intel beasts, it still has the midi music and plasticy looking characters. There is cloud saving and achievements, but there’s also grainy FMV. The game is absolutely the same one from the 90s, although this version has an in-built cheat that allows you to boost your stats to maximum, to allow you to carry on with your adventure. Does that mean we were harder, and more willing to accept potential defeat all those years ago?​

Whaddya know, there is even a launch trailer:

You can grab the game here if you swing that way.

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