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D&D Documentary to Explore 'the Most Influential Game in History'

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D&D Documentary to Explore 'the Most Influential Game in History'

Information - posted by Grunker on Thu 16 August 2012, 13:55:15

Tags: AD&D; D&D; Dungeons & Dragons; Gary Gygax; P&P; Tabletop; TSR

Some dudes at Westpaw Films and Iconoscope Films and director Anthony Savini have gathered to make a documentary about one the most used RPG tabletop systems for cRPGs, Dungeons & Dragons. So says an article on Wired:

How did a geeky hobby involving dice, graph paper, and a bowl of Cheetos roll a natural 20 to become the killer game of its era?

How did its shock waves roll into the realm of videogames, influencing a generation of computer programmers who would come to rule Silicon Valley?

How did the game, which has earned the praises of writers, actors, musicians, and others in the creative economy, go on to influence everything from teaching pedagogy to the treatment for PTSD? You could even argue that were it not for this game, we wouldn’t have “lite” role-playing activities like Facebook and online dating.​

How did Gary Gygax invent Facebook and online dating? We sure can't wait to find out!

There's also this video to whet your appetite:

The documentary is slated for a 2013 release.

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