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Project Salus log of logs

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Project Salus log of logs

Codex Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 5 November 2003, 11:34:33

Tags: Cube Warfare; Project Salus

This is the uneditted chat log of our discussion with Matt Brown about Project Salus, which is an independently developed, post apocalyptic CRPG with management sim stuff as well. Here's a clip:

[Clockwork] Don't let those engineers die! The artist can go, but not those fixers of machinery and such
[Clockwork] :)
[MattBrown] in a sense, all technologies are available to you at the start... the problem isn't the technology, but the resources
[Clockwork] ok
[Saint_Proverbius] Artists create morale, and as a back up.. FOOD!
[MattBrown] heheheh exactly
[MattBrown] Technicians can repair equipment, but Engineers can actually fashion repair parts
[Clockwork] Solient Green is people!!
[MattBrown] which is very essential
[Saint_Proverbius] Soylent Green is ARTISTS!​

Read the full thing for even more fun about eating people and babies and stuff.

[MattBrown] As far as this "talk" is concerned, this informality is fine with me, I didn't have a particular agenda I wanted to cover, so if you have questions, just field them as they come
[MattBrown] I'll do my best to keep up ;)
* MattBrown paints the bullseye on his chest.
[Saint_Proverbius] Sounds like a plan. I guess we can get started.
[Exitium] As long as you can type fast there won't be any problems.
[MattBrown] Cool ;)
[Clockwork] Will the main character enter the wasteland, or stay in the Silo to manage resources?
[MattBrown] The main character will most certainly enter the wasteland.
[MattBrown] Currently the management of the silo while outside is still being decided, but I'm thinking right now that your control of what goes on will be limited.
[MattBrown] There may also be the possibility of training a "leader" to take your place while you're gone, so that things don't fall apart, however.
[Clockwork] Will the resource management phase be over at that point?
[MattBrown] No, however, my hope is that it won't be just more of the same. For instance, you might have the food and water situation more or less under control, but due to increase attacks or something like that, you may be interested in learning to manufacture weaponry andammunition... so there will be resource management, but hopefully as time progresses, the flavor of it will change.
[MattBrown] Yes, if you choose to stay within the shelter, you will likely run out of resources eventually, and suffer the consequences...
[Clockwork] Will you need essential items from the outside in order to upgrade your technology, and research
[MattBrown] Correct, while I don't want to make too many promises so early, I'm hoping there will be a certain amount of in-house devleopment you can achieve by training engineers
[Clockwork] Like finding a schematic in an old abandoned factory, and brining it back to implement it
[Saint_Proverbius] What all resources are there in the game right now?
[MattBrown] I hadn't thought about that specific example, but that's exactly along the lines right now
[Clockwork] cool
[Exitium] I really dig that idea, Clockwork.
[MattBrown] heh wow, um let me look it up so I don't forget any important ones 1 sec
[Exitium] More games need that 'salvage' option.
[MattBrown] well, first off, your people are a valuable resource.
[Clockwork] I want a lazy worker button like warcraft III has
[Exitium] Almost every RTS these days has one.
[MattBrown] there is also a wide variety of machinery and equipment that I don't really have a list ready right now (nor will I probably give one out for a while, because it mayt be stuff you find and collect, and I don't want to ruin anything)
[Exitium] Why not take the step even further and implement 'autogather' the way Rise of Nations does?
[Exitium] So the player can focus more on managing his army instead of worrying about hunter/gatherers at home base.
[MattBrown] well, in a sense I do... the resource gathering isn't really the main method of acquiring resourece
[MattBrown] s
[Exitium] How do you plan to implement it, Matt?
[Saint_Proverbius] Because it's not an RTS, Exit, you dimwitted monkey-boy!
[MattBrown] the focus, at least at the beginning of the game, is on planning.
[MattBrown] heh
[MattBrown] right, it's not an RTS.
[Exitium] I know that, Saint.
[MattBrown] since you can't really leave the Silo, it's a much more closed system
[Exitium] Still, resource gathering has always been annoying no matter what.
[Clockwork] It is RTS freindly though :)
[MattBrown] you have what you brought in, and anything that is a byproduct that you can use.
[MattBrown] one you leave the silo, the resource gathering will occur much more in an RPG-fashion
[Clockwork] Are food and water created by a waste filtration system (hi-tech) or just large storage areas?
[Exitium] And I take offense to the 'dimwitted monkey-boy' comment. I happen to be a very intelligent monkey-boy.
[Exitium] ;)
[MattBrown] anyway, resource list: Food, Unpurified Water, Pure Water, Iodine Tablets, Fuel, Survival Candles, Bullets, Human Waste, Electricity, Heat, Light, Electrical Repair Parts, Mechanical Repair Parts, Chemical Repair Parts
[Saint_Proverbius] Yeah, but I've been putting lead in your bananas.
[Exitium] Bad saint.
[Clockwork] Sorry, but a monkey is a monkey. Plain and simple.
[MattBrown] and then, along the lines of machinery, there is a wide variety... but essentially most of these take in an assortment of the base resources, and produce some other set of resources
[MattBrown] (and some can simply produce resources)
[Exitium] Clockwork: You just derailed the joke.
[Saint_Proverbius] Can you expand the Silo? I.e. dig out and build a new room for more equipment or build above ground?
[MattBrown] machinery plays a big part. Each machinery "breaks" at a certain rate, in each of the three categories: Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical
[Clockwork] Will there be a progressive tech tree?
[Saint_Proverbius] I'm not really sure a progressive tech tree would work in post nuclear times.
[MattBrown] I originally had planned on providing people the opportunity to expand the Silo, but instead, opted for a simpler method, and allow the player to assume they have enouhg space (not an unrealistic assumption if it's a government subsidized building project)
[MattBrown] there isn't a particular "tech tree"
[Clockwork] Don't let those engineers die! The artist can go, but not those fixers of machinery and such
[Clockwork] :)
[MattBrown] in a sense, all technologies are available to you at the start... the problem isn't the technology, but the resources
[Clockwork] ok
[Saint_Proverbius] Artists create morale, and as a back up.. FOOD!
[MattBrown] heheheh exactly
[MattBrown] Technicians can repair equipment, but Engineers can actually fashion repair parts
[Clockwork] Solient Green is people!!
[MattBrown] which is very essential
[Saint_Proverbius] Soylent Green is ARTISTS!
[Clockwork] :)
[MattBrown] So once you have a particular piece of equipment, as long as you have engineers, you can likely keep it in good repair, regardless of whether or not you brought in enough replacement parts.
[MattBrown] :)
[Clockwork] How about worker revolts? A possiblity?
[MattBrown] Definitely a possibility.
[Exitium] Talented as they are, I'm sure Chris Glenn would double as a very tasty source of sustenence.
[MattBrown] heh
[MattBrown] in fact it's already built into the system such that if you don't keep your cicvilians happy... thjey'l.... pick a new leader, and ... you likely won't be around to see if he works out.
[EEVIAC] You could boil down gabe Newell for machine grease.
[MattBrown] lo
[MattBrown] l
[Clockwork] How about beast in the wild? Will there be molerats?
[MattBrown] but the funcationality to allow particular classes within the silo to revolt against the others is there, right now, a large part of the game that has been neglected is the content--I njust need to start adding this stuff.
[Clockwork] Radiated mutant animals
[MattBrown] heh possibly, but probably not
[Saint_Proverbius] You know, sticking around after getting voted down might be interesting as well and provide options for fun gameplay.. Like earning your rep back by being a good diplomat or killing and sabotaging all who oppose you.
[MattBrown] wildlife didn't have a protective shelter, so it's definitely manageable.
[MattBrown] Saint: that's definitely a good idea.
[Clockwork] Was Europa 1400 any inspiration on the game?
[MattBrown] My only problem is if they're unhappy enough to "overthrow" you, would they have the peace of mind to keep you around? especially when you've been pent up with them for so long?
[Exitium] Clinton had a second term. You figure it out.
[MattBrown] i.e. would a democrat be able to live in close quarters with Bush after the last 3 years? now imagine 9
[MattBrown] but I definitely will think about adding that possibility... that's a great idea.
[MattBrown] Europa 1400... unfortunately I haven't played it
[MattBrown] Since I've started working on it, my game playing time has dwindled to almost nothing... sadly.
[Clockwork] It is kinda like a resource RPG
[MattBrown] I have been able to get some time to play some important games this year, like KOTOR
[Pooperscooper] is it turbased?
[MattBrown] I should definitely give it a try.
[Exitium] It's turn based, Pooper.
[MattBrown] Yes, it is turn based.
[Pooperscooper] kool
[Saint_Proverbius] Well, there's a big difference between someone secretly murderizing enemies and a public lynching following a vote out.
[MattBrown] unfortunately I want to make it a bit faster paced... it's a bit clunky right now for my tastes.
[MattBrown] Saint: lol yes....
[MetalWyrm] just don't switch it to RT+pause
[Clockwork] yech
[MattBrown] [nod] I don't intend to change from Turn Based.
[Exitium] Yuck.
[MattBrown] However, it is a time-based turn...
[MattBrown] hmmm
[MetalWyrm] kinda like FF?
[MattBrown] how best to explain
[MattBrown] not really... you have as long as you want to take your turn.
[Exitium] ohh.
[Exitium] you have a time limit.
[MetalWyrm] phase based?
[MattBrown] But depending on the sklils and speed of your character each choice has a certain amount of in-game time
[Exitium] AS to how much you can do in a round.
[MetalWyrm] oh
[MetalWyrm] hmmm
[Exitium] He means action points.
[MetalWyrm] well that's kinda like APs
[MetalWyrm] yea
[MetalWyrm] action points
[MattBrown] for instance, if you rummage through your belongings to get equipment, it might take 10 seconds of game time... so your opponents might be able to take 10 seconds worth of actions.
[Clockwork] Love those AP's
[Exitium] Europa 1400 used a system similar to that instead of AP's, they used a clock.
[MetalWyrm] MattBrown, I think turnbased is almost built around having actionpoints
[MattBrown] right action points, except in infinite granularity.
[Exitium] Right.
[MetalWyrm] Rex, in essence, it's the same thing
[Exitium] Yeah.
[MattBrown] exactly...
[Clockwork] Vehicles?
[MattBrown] it allows the character's abilities to have a much more visible affect on their combat skills.
[Clockwork] Cars, Tanks, etc?
[MattBrown] because in essence you can have fractional action points, etc
[MattBrown] well vehicles...
[MattBrown] hmmm
[MattBrown] originally I did plan on having vehicles, but because I have limited resources I think I'm going to have to scale them back significantly.
[MetalWyrm] Matt, yea that's pretty cool
[MetalWyrm] (about the turnbased thing)
[MattBrown] If I do put them in they're going to be a lot more like Fallout where the car magically takes you places faster, and you won't necessarily get to physically drive the care
[MetalWyrm] perhaps you should do it similar to fallout, vehicles will be used to speed up out of zone map travel
[MattBrown] care = car
[MetalWyrm] that is if you have maps to travel
[MetalWyrm] lol
[MattBrown] heh you read my mind.
[MetalWyrm] yea =P
[Saint_Proverbius] Vehicles would be good for parts.
[MetalWyrm] SP's got a point, taht would be cool to take apart vehicles
[MetalWyrm] and make weapons using certain parts
[Exitium] How do yuo make a weapon out of an exhaust pipe?
[Exitium] McGuyver would tell you how.
[MattBrown] definitely, I do plan on you being able to find equipment and dismantle it for parts, etc...
[Clockwork] Will there be communites like Junk town? Or thunderdome?
[MetalWyrm] Matt, dunno if this was asked, but are you planning on having "zone areas" where when the person hits it, he zones out into the map to travel?
[Exitium] spark plugs and engines definitely have their use, though.
[MattBrown] Wyrm: I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "zone areas"
[MetalWyrm] you've played Fallout right?
[MattBrown] right
[MetalWyrm] remember the green/red areas?
[MattBrown] oooh I see what you mean
[MetalWyrm] green zones to another section, red zones to map
[MetalWyrm] I imagine using 3d you wouldn't need to have green areas
[MattBrown] Well, currently there isn't an "overall" map... i.e. to get from one area to another, you have to physically walk via morrowind.
[MetalWyrm] ah
[MattBrown] But......
[MattBrown] that will likely change... particularly if I add vehicles.
[MetalWyrm] just a note: if you keep it that way it would be cool, as long as you also have a map
[Clockwork] Will there be communites like Junk town? Or thunderdome?
[MetalWyrm] so the PC can auto walk to a location, but along the way he encounters enemies or something
[JohnPnP] I'm out.
[MetalWyrm] and with a car it'd be faster
[MattBrown] absolutely
[JohnPnP] Great Dev chat.
[Exitium] Cya John.
[Exitium] Write a poem about this.
[JohnPnP] Bye.
[Clockwork] Cya
[MetalWyrm] seeya JohnPenisandPickles
[JohnPnP] Heh.
[JohnPnP] Done.
[MattBrown] there likely won't be "random" encounters.
[Saint_Proverbius] Aww
[MattBrown] like there might be a particular band of thieves that will attack you, but I the band of thieves won't suddenly repopulate itself if you kill them
[MattBrown] but you might also be able to strike a deal with them where you give them supplies everytime you pass through in exchange for their safety.
[MetalWyrm] well that's the thing about random enconters, they didn't usually hit twice in one spot
[MattBrown] ahhh
[MattBrown] true.
[MetalWyrm] random encounters can be put into real perspective
[MetalWyrm] as in, a group of raides was travelling one direction
[MetalWyrm] andthey managed to intersect you
[MetalWyrm] you can view it in that way =)
[Saint_Proverbius] You could use a simple predator-prey model for the outside world, Matt. I'm sure you've had fun with those equations in the engineering schoolin.
[MattBrown] heh
[Saint_Proverbius] Use it for raiders-villagers instead.
[MattBrown] well if I did anything like that, I'd actually probably try to model a finite set of actual groups...
[MattBrown] the problem is that I don't necessarily want to have the same situation happening 50 times in a game...
[MetalWyrm] as long asyou can never kill everyone in the world, that'd be alright =P
[MattBrown] heh
[MetalWyrm] well just like in Fallout, certain groups stayed in certain areas
[MattBrown] so there might be multiple groups of bandits, but your interaction with them would be very different.
[MattBrown] exactly.
[Exitium] Well it's not completely unbelievable to have plenty of 'gangster' groups wandering around the wastes.
[MetalWyrm] same with fo2, like mobsters near reno, and huboligists near san fran
[Clockwork] Is there an overall theme? Like hopefullness, helplessness, man vs elements, good vs evil, etc....
[Exitium] moby dick: man versus nature and the futility of it. (hah)
[MattBrown] heh hmmm not as explicit as that, no. I'm hoping everyone will find their own reason for liking it.
[MattBrown] There are many ways it can play out.
[EEVIAC] Is there a finite end to the game - for instance, do you eventually die?
[MattBrown] Hopeful, and possibly bright future.... or dismal, and dark...
[MattBrown] I haven't yet decided how the game will "end", so I can't really give that question a good answer...
[MattBrown] sorry!
[Exitium] That's nice.
[MattBrown] I'd like there to be a definite end to the game, but I'm also entertaining the possibility of letting people continue to play.
[EEVIAC] What are some of the wqin-states your considering?
[MattBrown] Death
[EEVIAC] wqin=win
[MattBrown] heh
[EEVIAC] How about complete collapse of civilazation?
[EEVIAC] Missmanagement as a win-state?
[Clockwork] Do you need voice actors?
[MattBrown] very generally: Death, living in harmony with the groups around you, rebuilding civilization, conquering the neighboring areas, etc
[MattBrown] there are no voice actors... all text.
[MattBrown] sorry
[Clockwork] no prob
[MattBrown] just don't have the resources to do it right, and nothing's worse than bad voice acting
[MetalWyrm] voice actors aren't really needed
[MetalWyrm] there weren't much of them in either fallouts anyway, and it was just fine
[EEVIAC] Are you sure? I can do a very passable Sean Connery?
[MattBrown] heh
[MetalWyrm] lol
[Saint_Proverbius] The game ends when you develop warp drive, thus bringing a new era of global peace to the world, first contact with aliens, and the general pissing off of Star Trek fans because you aren't from Alpha Centauri.
[MattBrown] lol
[MattBrown] I'll have to add those to my list.
[MetalWyrm] lol
[Exitium] Will there be any pre-apocalyptic 'artifacts' or storyline?
[Clockwork] Will the game have a sense of humor like fallout? Or be more serious?
[MetalWyrm] that'd be one hell of a jump
[MetalWyrm] from post apocalyptic to warp drive
[Exitium] I've always liked lore in an rpg.
[Exitium] Old, mysterious stuff that not many people know about.
[MattBrown] There will be pre-apolcaylptic storyline, and artifacts, but keep in mind that it isn't TOO far into the future.
[MattBrown] I am hoping to add some humor to it, in some circumstances, mostly it will be dark humor, but a lot of the game will likely be serious.
[Exitium] It'd be like the destruction was so great that most people don't have much of an idea of what went on before.
[MattBrown] Ahhh I see what you mean by pre-apocalyptic 'artifacts' etc... I do intend for the miin player to be able to find out some more to the story of what caused the apocalypse...
[MattBrown] I don't want to give too much away.
[Exitium] Great.
[MattBrown] but yes, the backstory will show itself in the game.
[Clockwork] Well, I got to go folks. Nice chatting with ya. Thanks for talking with us Matt.
[Clockwork] Cya
[MattBrown] Nice talking to you too Clockwork
[MattBrown] thanks for the good questions.
[Exitium] Fantasy RPGs have an 'ancient gods or mages which populated the earth' scenario while space RPGs usually go with the 'ancient alien race'.
[MetalWyrm] Matt, things like scientists logs, and a General's diary/lette would be pretty cool
[Exitium] See you Clockwork.
[MetalWyrm] bye Clockwork
[Clockwork] Your welcome. I look forward to seeing the game
[Clockwork] Bye
[MattBrown] thanks!
[Exitium] Old video recordings or tapes would be cool, too.
[MattBrown] yes, definitely
[MattBrown] consipacy and intrigue.
[MetalWyrm] Rex, they don't have voice actors though
[EEVIAC] Alf. Alf needs to be in the game.
[Exitium] Metal: A good game doesn't need voice actors. :)
[MetalWyrm] uh yea....
[MetalWyrm] but a tape usually implies sound
[Exitium] It'd all be in text, I don't mind.
[MetalWyrm] unlessyou mean like fallout
[MetalWyrm] neither do I
[Exitium] the tapes in Fallout had no voices either.
[MattBrown] well, I guess for tapes, I could do some voice acting
[Exitium] Yeah.
[MetalWyrm] just like I said
[MetalWyrm] Matt, it wouldn't be necessary though, text would be fine
[MetalWyrm] unless you really want to =P
[MattBrown] the real problem is the dialogue... in an RPG, you need a lot of dialogue, and I don't want to cut back on it so that I can do voice acting, if that makes sens.e
[Exitium] Makes sense.
[EEVIAC] Absolutely.
[Exitium] especially if the voice actors aren't all that good.
[MattBrown] heh
[Exitium] Then most people woudl turn off the voice.
[MetalWyrm] total sense
[MattBrown] "Is that the same voice as the other guy? I think he's just holding his nose..."
[MetalWyrm] more/better dialogue beats voice acting by a lot
[Exitium] You could do it Bioware style and give certain lines dialogue.
[Exitium] To give the player some sense as to what the character sounds like.
[MattBrown] that's what I was thinking about... but I figure if I have time later, I might do that....
[Exitium] He doesn't have to read the whole script, just the introduction perhaps.
[MattBrown] Fallout did that in a way with the talking heads.
[Exitium] Yeah.
[Exitium] And if there's any memorable lines, they could read those too.
[MattBrown] heheh good point
[MetalWyrm] Matt, you should treat voice acting as "not necessary" but if you have time after everything, I gues it'd be alright ot have it
[MetalWyrm] just my opinion on that
[MattBrown] exactly.
[monkey] Exitium: the steampunk comic I was asking about sucked - hurts the eyes - but perhaps if one likes spawn and crew of over "airbrushed" comics.
[MattBrown] that's exactly how I'm thinking of it.
[EEVIAC] Its pushes out the game size as well.
[MattBrown] yeah, the real problem I'm hurdling now is game content... currently building a map editor so I can build areas quickly.
[EEVIAC] This is going to be share/freeware isn't it?
[MattBrown] The game?
[EEVIAC] Or sell it - what do I care.
[Exitium] monkey: Don't like those types, yech.
[Saint_Proverbius] It's free for me, the rest of you pay $10,000 each.
[MattBrown] well, it's up in the air, but I would like to be able to sell it at some point, but if it's evident that it's not a profitable game, then I'd likely give it as Freeware.
[MattBrown] lol
[Exitium] Set up a paypal account.
[MattBrown] but if I sold it, I was thinking along the likes of $15
[Exitium] Someone's sure to pay for it.
[MetalWyrm] Matt, if the game was quite indepth, asking money for it is only fair
[MattBrown] that's what I'm hoping :)
[EEVIAC] You could be a new Vogel.
[MattBrown] Vogel?
[Saint_Proverbius] Yeah, something like $25 for the game wouldn't be bad.
[Saint_Proverbius] Jeff Vogel, he's like the King of Shareware CRPGs.
[EEVIAC] Jeff Vogel - Spiderweb Software - maker of class, old-scholl RPG's.
[MattBrown] yeah, I definitely wouldn't charge more than $40... I want it to be more accessible to people.
#pcgamer impulse`` (raiden@host-66-81-208-240.rev.o1.com) [Vash Vasilli]: *.GamesNET.net (3 hops) [H+]
[EEVIAC] beaten.
[MattBrown] What's amazing to me is the recent slew of post-apoc games coming out.
[EEVIAC] You could ride on their popularity, and turn-based too.
[Exitium] WW2, too.
[Saint_Proverbius] Not to me, Matt. It just proves what I've known for years, Interplay is very poorly run.
[MattBrown] Even though my game is very very different in how it plays, I'm a little intimidated by it all, but very excited at the same time--can't wait to try them.
[MattBrown] Strangely, most of them seem to be eastern european/russian.
[Saint_Proverbius] I'm more interested in Exodus and Metalheart than I am in Fallout at this point.
[Saint_Proverbius] err.. Fallout 3.
[MattBrown] [nod] Definitely.
[MattBrown] I haven't played ToEE, but I always keep an eye on Troika games as well.
[EEVIAC] Yours will be different though, Matt. I get the impression the game will be something like Jagged Alliance and Theme Park - good analogy?
[EEVIAC] ot just straight RPG.
[MattBrown] heh yeah, it's hard to imagine mixing them, but yeah, it's a pretty good analogy.
[Exitium] It's not that hard to imagine.
[Exitium] X-Com was sort of like that.
[MattBrown] Jagged Allieance and Theme Park squeezed into a 3rd person 3D
[Exitium] Incubation!
[MattBrown] heh
[MattBrown] I haven't actually played incubation *embarassed*
[Exitium] You need to.
[Exitium] You need to.
[MattBrown] I definitely should, I'm guessing I can pick up a copy pretty cheaply
[Saint_Proverbius] Or WARZONE 2100.
* MattBrown is writing them down.
[MattBrown] where's the best place to get these/
[MattBrown] ebgames doesn't seem to have them in their database.
[Exitium] Best Buy, in the bargain bin.
[MattBrown] cool, I'll be sure to check.
[EEVIAC] Are there going to be romances? People at RPGCodex seem to hate romances.
[Saint_Proverbius] Yeah, I hate those things. Give me the good old bump and grind, nix the courting stuff!
[MattBrown] heheheh I entertained the idea, and it's up to the player. There will be women/men interested in the main character, but how you react to them is up to you (do you prefer romance? freinds with benefits? just bedmates?)\
[Exitium] Heh, bedmates. That's a nice way to put things.
[EEVIAC] Sailors?
[MattBrown] hehe
[MattBrown] there were other ways to say it but I was trying to keep it PG
[MattBrown] heh
[Exitium] PG? RPG Codex is rated R, baby.
[MattBrown] What about Sailors?
[MattBrown] hehe
[EEVIAC] Without ships, what else would they have to do.
[Saint_Proverbius] Exitium likes sailors.
[MattBrown] There may not be any actual sailing going on. Although I can't say you won't run into ex-sailors.
[MattBrown] heh
[Exitium] Saint: no, that's Spazmo.
[Exitium] I like wenches.
[EEVIAC] If you can get married, can you have kids? can they take over the Silo?
[MattBrown] hmmm that's an idea I hadn't really thought about.
[MattBrown] but right now the answer is no.
[MattBrown] ... but maybe that'll change.
[MattBrown] heheh I don't want to make any promises though
[EEVIAC] OK, I won't hold you to it.
[Saint_Proverbius] Kids would definitely be cool, but I wouldn't go so far as have death and dying.
[MattBrown] yeah, the main reason I think it might be difficult is because of the timescale...
[EEVIAC] What if the kids became delinquent, and you had to send out shock squads. What if he married a sailor?
[MattBrown] that'd probably be about 3-4 decades assuming you die of old age.
[MattBrown] lol
[MattBrown] yeah, the kids could definitely add some new RPG aspects.
[Saint_Proverbius] And, once again, food source!
[MattBrown] heh
[Exitium] It'd also turn the game into a kind of Derek Smart project, though.
[Saint_Proverbius] Just a Modest Proposal there.
[EEVIAC] Heh. Lots of protein in placentas.
[MattBrown] juicy and tasty.
[Exitium] Not too many features ;)
[Saint_Proverbius] How is food made/gathered?
[MattBrown] generally this is done with "equipment"
[Exitium] Sperm banks, Saint.
[MattBrown] there are lots of ways this can be done.
[MattBrown] you can bring in food, you can attempt to grow food (mushrooms, or
[MattBrown] ack can't think of the word
[Exitium] hydroponics?
[MattBrown] yeah
[MattBrown] heh
[MattBrown] sorry
[MattBrown] brain freeze
[MattBrown] also, you can have waste reprocessors, and grow algea, etc.
[MattBrown] but there will likely be more options as you progress through the game.
[Saint_Proverbius] Farm animals?
[MattBrown] possibly.
[Exitium] Farm humans.
[MattBrown] heh
[Exitium] Lexx freaked me out after taht episode.
[MattBrown] the problem with farm animals is that if you bring them in, it's another mouth to feed, and they may be hard to find in the wild after a nuclear war (bomb + radiation = dead animals)
[MetalWyrm] Lexx is a fucked up show
[MattBrown] but cannibalism might be an option.
[MattBrown] heh
[Exitium] heh.
[MetalWyrm] bomb + radiaton + animals = mutated animals =D
[MattBrown] Delicatessen.
[MattBrown] heheh
[Exitium] What kind ofm usic is going into the game, if any?
[MetalWyrm] ey Spaz
[MattBrown] heh
[Spazmo] Yo
[Exitium] You're late.
[Spazmo] Indeed
[atoga] spazmo
[MattBrown] music: there won't be any music. Rather than force the kind of music I might like to listen to while you play, i'll let you guys put the mp3 player in the background and listen to whatever you want.
[Spazmo] Will the game have a built in MP3 player?
[Exitium] That's kind of you.
[MattBrown] there might be music here and there, but not much built in.
[MattBrown] heheheh no build-in mp3 player, sorry
[Exitium] winamp ] built in crap
[MattBrown] yup
[MattBrown] and easier for me too.
[MattBrown] heh
[Exitium] Can't get the mods to work with built-in players.
[Spazmo] Yeah
[Exitium] Most people usually disable soundtracks these days in favor of their own music anyway.
[MattBrown] plus, in a turn-based game that has pause too, no reason why you can't alt-tab and play your music.
[Exitium] yup
[Spazmo] Games that don't allow alt-tab annoy em
[Spazmo] *me
[MattBrown] (the pause is for outside of combat)
[EEVIAC] TB + pause? Does that make it real time, seeing that rt+pause is apparently turn based.
[Exitium] Right, the real time portion of the game (wandering mode)
[MattBrown] right
[MattBrown] you can pause during combat too, just doesn't do anything
[MattBrown] heh
[Exitium] Hehe
[Exitium] EEVIAC: see above.
[MattBrown] oh sorry, didn't realize EEVIAC wasn't here for that part.
[MattBrown] yeah, it's turn-based, not RT+pause.
[EEVIAC] I was joking. :)
[MattBrown] oh heh
[Saint_Proverbius] How's the modelling thing going?
[MattBrown] well, right now, not very well, I've been putting it off... so in a way it's making me really productive because I'm getting a lot of other stuff done.
[MattBrown] but in reality its not that far off from being solved.
[MattBrown] Currently thouhg, I want to get a map editor finished first.
[EEVIAC] Is the map editor going to be the sort of thing that only you can use, or more mod friendly?
[MattBrown] right now, it's the sort of thing that only I can use. However, if I am fairly happy with how use-freindly it is, I might include it, but won't be supported.
[MattBrown] I'm also contemplating making all the maps player-accessible in case people want to change things/cheat... I don't personally have a problem with people changing the game to how they want, or cheating.
[MattBrown] the idea is to enjoy it, and if people enjoy playing with stuff like that, I figure, why not?
[Saint_Proverbius] Well, the way I look at it, if I want to masturbate, I'll go with looking at porn rather than play a game.
[Saint_Proverbius] That's about all cheating is to me.
[MattBrown] lol
[MattBrown] yeah
[Saint_Proverbius] Robots?
[Saint_Proverbius] Any robots?
[MattBrown] but I see it more as an opportunity to people who have played the game before to tweak things how they like them, maybe make modified versions of in-game areas, etc
[MattBrown] not currently, but I think there might be a few places they exist.
[MattBrown] but they won't be the kind of thiong that you can control, for your own shelter.
[MattBrown] possibly, it's up in the air.
[MattBrown] heh is that vague enough?
[Saint_Proverbius] What about trading with towns and other Silos?
[MattBrown] yes this will definitely be a possibility, and likely a necessity.
[MattBrown] a lot of the resources on the outside world will have already been found and protected by communities, so one way or another you have to deal with them if you want the resources.
[EEVIAC] "How much for the little girl? Your women, how much for your women," kind of trade?
[MattBrown] possibly heh
[Spazmo] o/ EEVIAC
[Exitium] That's definitely ambient.
[MattBrown] it's a no-holds barred world, in essence...
[Exitium] I can't imagine a post apocalyptic world without human trade.
[EEVIAC] Is population growth a factor?
[Exitium] There would be no laws, nothing to stop people from enslaving each other or doing what ever they please. So yeah, slavery's in.
[Exitium] :)
[MattBrown] no, unfortunately
[MetalWyrm] Matt, so if you don;'t wanna pay, you can kill the mercant for it (with the proper consequences of course)
[MattBrown] the timescale for the game is really probably only 1 generation, and that doesn't make for very interesting population growth, so I decided to nix it.
[MattBrown] Metal:exactly
[MattBrown] or you can blackmail him maybe
[MattBrown] stuff like that
[MattBrown] hire someone else to kill him maybe
[MattBrown] heh
[Saint_Proverbius] Kill his kid, then remind him he has more kids.
[MetalWyrm] sounds good
[MattBrown] lol
[MetalWyrm] lol
[EEVIAC] Are you using real weapons in the game, or weapons that are "kind of like" real weapons? I personally prefer that latter.
[MetalWyrm] kinda like fallout, where they had the ak112, combat shotgun, plasma rifle, etc
[MattBrown] I'm using "generic" weapons. i.e. you start the game out with a "Standard Issue Pistol" and there are "Automatic Shotguns" and "Fully Automatic Pistol
[MattBrown] "'s
[MattBrown] that kind of stuff
[MattBrown] no specifics, if that helps.
[Saint_Proverbius] Yeah, fake world weaps have a lot of advantages. You won't get some gun nut complaining the AK-47 isn't accurate enough, for example.
[Spazmo] That's what we're looking for, I think
[MetalWyrm] exactly
[MattBrown] heh exactly
[MetalWyrm] that and the open endedness of it too
[MattBrown] plus, it makes it a bit simpler for the average joe to pick what weapons to use
[MetalWyrm] since you don't have ot restrict the gun to what it is, but rather what you want it to be
[MattBrown] as opposed to choosing betwen 10 different guns he knows nothing about.
[MetalWyrm] apart from that, do you plan on having some descriptions of the weapons/armor? perhaps about manufacturer, etc ?
[Exitium] Fictional names would be nice.
[Exitium] They'd add to the scenario.
[Exitium] YOu coudl even have quests relating to them.
[MattBrown] heh yeah, there will likely be a lot of game lore in equipment descriptions, etc.
[MetalWyrm] awesome
[MattBrown] I don't have many manufacture names and stuff for weapons, but all of the equipment has a good description/backstore.
[MattBrown] backstore = backstory.
[Saint_Proverbius] Gun crafting would be sweet. A barrel has an accuracy rating, a chamber has a damage rating, firing mechanism has a rate of fire, etc.
[Exitium] Woah, yeah.
[MattBrown] that would be interesting, and not particularly hard to add.
[Exitium] And schematics for weaponry and armor.
[Saint_Proverbius] Nah, schematics are too cheesy.
[Exitium] So even if you can't find that weapon out in 'the wild' you can make it.
[MattBrown] (equipment in the statement a qhile back was a bit vague, I meant machinery)
[MattBrown] that's a slick idea.
[Exitium] See Saint? it's a slick idea.
[MattBrown] heh
[MattBrown] well if I dumb them down.. schematics would be hard to do
[MattBrown] in full
[MetalWyrm] screw schematics, make people learn on their own =P
[atoga] what the hell's the character system in this thing like?
[Saint_Proverbius] Parts should have a tech value and your technicians should have the skill with the parts to use them. The better technicians, the better parts you can make guns from, but the parts determine how well the gun works in the model of combat. MUCH BETTERTHAN SCHEMATICS!
[Spazmo] You're a regular charmer, atoga
[MattBrown] ack phone... sorry!
[MattBrown] 1 sec
[Exitium] The character doesn't exactly have the education or generations of gun-design does he, Metal? :)
[MetalWyrm] Rex, trial and error man
[Exitium] Dude, no amount of trial and error is going to make you a MP5.
[MetalWyrm] so if you try something, if you combine the rightparts, but you're too dumb to know about guns it'll be like "you had something there, but you fucked it up"
[Exitium] You're gonna come out with a different gun, possibly one that sucks.
[Spazmo] That's where a luck statistic is handy
[atoga] thanks spazmo ;)
[Saint_Proverbius] Tell that to the manufacturers of the MP5.
[Exitium] They had a plan in mind before they started production on the various prototypes of the mp5.
[atoga] but seriously, inform me D:
[MetalWyrm] however if you're trying to combine a rubber ducky and a barrel, nothing will happen
[Exitium] Prototype production would be pretty cool come to think of it.
[Saint_Proverbius] Various prototypes = TRIAL AND ERROR.
[MattBrown] Sorry about that, I'm back. Did I miss any important questions?
[MetalWyrm] no, just discussion about trail+error vs schematics
[Exitium] But your character should have some knowledge of gun production before he can do anything. Just owning a gun or being a capable of user of one doesn't make a person an expert on weapons design.
[MetalWyrm] Rex, wtf did I say?
[MetalWyrm] [18:22] [MetalWyrm] so if you try something, if you combine the rightparts, but you're too dumb to know about guns it'll be like "you had something there, but you fucked it up"
[MetalWyrm] if your character knows about guns, he will be more likely to succeed
[Exitium] It'd really suck to try for hours to 'make a gun'
[Spazmo] As well as precise high tech machinery
[Saint_Proverbius] But yeah, a lesser experienced tech dude could make guns that don't work as well as they should if they don't have the tech level for it, thus prototypes.
[MetalWyrm] but if he had the right combination to make something, but is too stupid, it shoudl atleast let the character know
[MattBrown] yeahlikely you wouldn't be able to fashion any good weapons---assuming this feature is added.
[Spazmo] Some putz in the wasteland with a lead pipe, some gunpowder and a fuse is in trouble
[MetalWyrm] haha definitely, Spaz
[Saint_Proverbius] That'd be a pipe bomb, Spaz!
[Exitium] It'd still be crap.
[Spazmo] Exactly
[Exitium] It'd probably blow up in your face if you have no knowledge of chemistry.
[Spazmo] So if the guy is trying to make a gun and ends up with a pipe bomb, that's pretty fucking far from the MP5 he wanted
[Exitium] How much gunpowder to put, the handling of the pipe thereof, etc.
[MetalWyrm] lol
[Exitium] Have you seen junior chefs in a kitchen?
[MetalWyrm] however, if your mp5 ends up as a pipebomb, that could still be useful
[Exitium] They can fuck around with a knife.
[MetalWyrm] even if it is faulty
[Exitium] I think that the same applies to everything else.
[MattBrown] but I don't think it'd be unreasonable to be able to acquire certain machine-shop equipment to build basic weaponry (maybe you can't make great weapons for yourself, but you might be able to give simple one-shot pistols to the people in your Silo)
[Exitium] Noobs fuck around with everthing - computers, knives, and it wouldn't be so odd if they fucked around with a pipebomb and it blew up in their face :)
[EEVIAC] Has anyone asked about drugs? Can I drug my silo into blissfull happiness?
[MetalWyrm] LOL
[MattBrown] lol
[Exitium] Tripping on the shrooms you grow.
[Spazmo] Good question, though
[Exitium] There should be some medical advances in the game, for sure.
[Spazmo] Hydroponics, baby
[Exitium] If you wach the tv show, Jeremiah, you'd see plenty of cool things.
[MetalWyrm] "medical advance"
[MattBrown] that is a possibility I have thought about, but haven't really decided on. I think I'd like to make it an option. They porbably wouldn't be very good at repairing stuff in their silo, or generally taking care of themselves, but at least they'd be obedient. ;]
[Exitium] Because it's a lot like the game you're making, sorta.
[MattBrown] I hadn't thought about that, there are a lot of similarities, yes.
[EEVIAC] You could drug trouble-makers and rebel rousers? Or lobotomize them.
[Spazmo] Just drug up the proles and keep the techs clean
[Exitium] Medical advances keep the population in check.
[MattBrown] definitely, these are all great ideas.
[Saint_Proverbius] Keep in mind the HUGE DIFFERENCE between a guy in the wasteland with a lead pipe and a team of engineers and technicians in a Silo with machining equipment and CADs.
[Spazmo] The completely wasted proles will stay in their rooms and not break anything
[Spazmo] Well, yeah, Saint, I was just saying you need proper equipment to build weapons
[Exitium] Spaz: we should do that to Visceris.
[Spazmo] On topic, Rex, but good idea
[MattBrown] Well, I think I want to start wrapping this up ;] so are there any questions you've forgotten to ask? (And if you remember them later tonight, you can always put them up on the forums at salus.cubewarfare.com under "support")
[EEVIAC] When can we expect the game?
[MattBrown] ahhhh this is a hard question to anwer.
[Exitium] Probably when it's done.
[EEVIAC] But ineveitable.
[MattBrown] yeah, basically.
[MattBrown] I'd like to have it done by next fall, to give you some idea.
[Saint_Proverbius] Next week, on Wednesday, at 4:13PM Eastern Time, Salus will be done.
[MattBrown] heh
[MattBrown] but, since it's so far off, it's hard to say how realistic that date is.
[Exitium] Do we have a chat scheduled yet, Saint?
[Saint_Proverbius] Nope
[Exitium] Damn.
[MattBrown] heh
[EEVIAC] Bring back Matt. He can give us a weekly update.
[Exitium] Sounds like a plan.
[MattBrown] lol
[MattBrown] will you guys have enough question every week?
[MattBrown] or will you just want to hear what I've done? :P
[Spazmo] I saw we get EvoG in here and go "SCREENSHOTS, BITCH!" for an hour
[MattBrown] lol
[atoga] heh
* MattBrown opens up paint and start drawing.
[Saint_Proverbius] That's why I called him "Captain Vaporware".
[Exitium] I wonder why people even bother to defend him.
[Exitium] It's not like he's actually done anything.
[MattBrown] lol
[Spazmo] Eh, but EvoG != our friend Matt Brown
[MattBrown] hopefully... heh
[Exitium] Eh, I know that - I was talking about people deefndin EVOG.
[MattBrown] I'm hoping I didn't make too mayny promises tonight
[Saint_Proverbius] Matt also has a webpage, too!
[MattBrown] lol
[Exitium] With nothing on it except concept art, right?
[MattBrown] well there are screenshots
[Spazmo] I think there was screens at the announcement
[Exitium] Oh yeah.
[Spazmo] Looked pretty neat, too
[Exitium] And it's so populated.
[Saint_Proverbius] There's screenshots, Exitium. Here, have some more bananas.. with extra lead!
[MattBrown] there have been some new screenshots in the last 2 months.
[Exitium] Saint: I misread.
[Exitium] I thought you said EVOG.
[MattBrown] heh
[Exitium] Evidently I've been holding my piss in for too long.
[MetalWyrm] yes
[MetalWyrm] piss your pants now
[Exitium] It's hard to think when your bladder is DYING
[Spazmo] Probably
[Exitium] Well, not dying per se...
[Exitium] brb.
[MattBrown] hehe well, I'll let Exitium go use the restroom, and I think I'll make my exit, unless anyone has any last questions.
[Spazmo] Saint's gonna have a ball editing this
[MattBrown] uh oh heh
[Saint_Proverbius] Remember, Matt.. This kind of abuse if what you get if you never finish!
[Spazmo] And remember to send us free stuff!
[MattBrown] It's the kind of encouragement that will haunt my dreams till I finish.
[MattBrown] heheh free stuff, definitely hehe
[Exitium] Back.
[Exitium] Saint's not gonna edit this.
[Spazmo] Rockin'
[Saint_Proverbius] I just make it look purdy and cough it up, yeah.
[MattBrown] Great, well, thanks for letting me talk to you guys about the game tonight, it's been great!
[Exitium] Yeah dude.
[Saint_Proverbius] Thanks for being here, Matt!
[EEVIAC] Thanks Matt.
[Spazmo] A real pleasure, Matt. Can't wait for the finished product.
[MattBrown] heh anytime :]
[MattBrown] yeah, me too!

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