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Nuclear Union Preview at Gamespot UK

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Nuclear Union Preview at Gamespot UK

Preview - posted by Crooked Bee on Wed 29 August 2012, 20:24:04

Tags: 1C Entertainment; Best Way; Nuclear Union

Gamespot UK offers a preview of Nuclear Union, a Ukrainian postapocalyptic RPG/shooter/thingy. Have a snippet:

Rather than pit the player against warring factions and tribes, Nuclear Union is rooted in a world where the Soviet government and the underlying infrastructure have survived an attack from the United States and have reemerged from their underground bunkers. Their primary goals are to rebuild and survive in the harsh landscape of their new capital, Pobedograd.

[...] The main character, a nameless Soviet officer, may be accompanied by up to two party members. You'll have the power to decide whom to dismiss or accept into your ranks, according to the FAQ on the Nuclear Union website. There's also mention of moral choices and branching paths, though it's noted that the protagonist shall forever remain on the side of "good." When we asked 1C about the identity of the antagonist, they were quick to play the "we can't reveal further details" card. Interestingly, based on prior comments relating to the unknown status of the US government or its citizens, it's safe to assume the forces of "evil" will have origins within the surviving members of the U.S.S.R.

The most interesting element during the demo was the appearance of physical anomalies, Nuclear Union's version of environmental puzzles. The impact of a nuclear attack doesn't just destroy life and mangle buildings; such a profound expulsion of energy also disturbs the forces of nature, creating pockets in space with their own gravitational fields. They don't pose a direct threat to the player, and are completely optional, but resolving anomalies rewards you with items and special abilities. By manipulating objects orbiting the core of an anomaly, you can neutralize its gravitational field and gain access to the prize within. Just make sure you watch your back while doing so, lest you risk attack from the hordes of mutants roaming the land.​

The preview also includes some alpha environment footage of the game.

Thanks RPGWatch

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