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Age of Decadence August Update

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Age of Decadence August Update

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Fri 31 August 2012, 14:08:50

Tags: Iron Tower Studio; The Age of Decadence; Vince D. Weller

Iron Tower has posted another monthly update on the progress of The Age of Decadence, their long-awaited single player turn-based RPG. Have a snippet:

I'm busy working on ten things at once, so I'll keep it short. We're still working on alchemy and planning to start beta-testing it in Sep. Since we're getting closer, Oscar went over Teron one last time, fixing what's been reported and forcing me to add extra content here and there.

Now you can score bonus loyalty points by selling info to Linos and telling him that Cado's planning to attack the shipment. You can loot Carrinas' body - the most requested "feature". IG1 was tweaked based on the feedback we received. Plus, your grifter, loremaster, and thief will have more things to do.

[...] Oscar's still tinkering with the dialogue interface, as you can see. We had many complaints about the font and readability [...] [so] we've increased the font size, tweaked ol' Torque a bit to make sure it stops fucking around with fonts, and changed the layout.

I finished tweaking and expanding the mountain pass and the Ordu camp locations. I rarely praise my own work, but you guys are going to love them. The Ordu camp has a LOT of different options and outcomes, both for the Ordu and the attack on the pass.

I'll continue to introduce characters and questlines. Today's guest is General Pavola of the Imperial Guards. He served with Carrinas in the wasteland and has nothing but good things to say about him. He isn't the brightest tool, but he's the closest to being a "good guy" in the game, so don't say that the world is bleak and shit, when it has people like Pavola, ok?​

The update also contains a "sneak preview" of new dialogue options plus a few new screenshots, and you can read it if you just click here.

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