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Legend of Grimrock Dungeon Editor Enters Public Beta

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Legend of Grimrock Dungeon Editor Enters Public Beta

Information - posted by Crooked Bee on Wed 12 September 2012, 15:43:24

Tags: Almost Human Games; Legend of Grimrock

The team behind Legend of Grimrock have launched a public beta for the game's upcoming Dungeon Editor. The only caveat is that you need to have the game on Steam to take part in the beta. Here's the announcement, accompanied by a new trailer:

We have now been working on the Dungeon Editor and modding capabilities effectively for almost four months. From the get-go we knew that there would be lots of work ahead of us, because many things were hardcoded and we didn’t have a level editor when we were originally working on the game. Even so it still took us longer than we anticipated to get here.

The Dungeon Editor is now complete except for one thing. And we need your help with it. Yep, I’m talking about testing.

Because the scripting interface of the editor has so many features and the game has seen such a big internal overhaul to allow modding, testing everything is a major undertaking. So that’s why we announce the start of a short public beta today.

To participate in the beta you need to have a Steam account and the game installed on Steam. Why only Steam? Steam’s automatic update system allows us to do frequent incremental updates to quickly patch issues that may arise. Also we need to be able to isolate the development in a separate branch during the beta. In short, we can react to the feedback more efficiently and keep the beta as short as possible. After the beta has concluded the Dungeon Editor will be available on all available distribution platforms.

If you don’t have the game installed on Steam and would still like to help us, you can give us valuable feedback on the documentation and perhaps help by working on the model and animation exporters if that’s your cup of tea. We are also listening to feature requests about the scripting interface. Are there important functions missing? We know that many of you would just want to start using the editor right away, and we too are very eager to finally release this beast. So our intention is to keep the beta short and sweet and release the editor as soon as possible.

We also would like to announce the release of Grimrock Nexus. The kind folks at Nexus have been busy setting up the site and it should be fully operational today. With both Nexus and Steam Workshop supported we believe modders will be able to reach all of our customers who in turn will have a huge number of great mods to play.

To join the beta right-click on Legend of Grimrock in your Library of games in Steam and select Properties. In the Betas tab opt into the beta using the dropdown there. The Steam Client should then automatically download the beta.

We invite everybody to join in the discussions in the modding forum and help make the editor reach its full potential!​

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