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Obsidian Blogs

Editorial - posted by Zed on Thu 13 September 2012, 01:22:19

Tags: Chris Avellone; Josh Sawyer; Obsidian Entertainment

Obsidian designers Chris 'MCA' Avellone and Josh E. Sawyer have both written blogs recently. First up is Avellone, who writes:

It’s been a while – aside from Obsidian work, I’ve been doing quite a bit of talks here at Dragon*Con and across the sea in Spain at Gamelab on a variety of subjects, from advice to getting into the industry, to Kickstarter, and even our approach to designing characters for video games. Even better, I’ll be doing the same coming up here in October at Austin GDC’s narrative track concerning Obsidian’s narrative approach - and going through our design process at the end of the month overseas concerning design as well (more on this as it happens).

Still, it’s nice to be home and back into the thick of things here. Speaking of which, for those of you who’ve come to visit the page, you may have noticed our countdown. Our countdown to what? It should become clear in 4 days or so – stay vigilant.​

J. E. Sawyer has a more recent entry, called building better worlds. It's a little longer, so I won't cite the entire thing. Here's something about characters:

To feel for characters at all, we need to make a connection with them. To make a connection with them, we need to believe that if we were put in their shoes, maybe we'd follow the same path they're on. When we talk about mature themes, we're not describing arterial spray. We're talking about character motivations that we sympathize with in the setting. When we get to our nemeses after hunting them down for 50 hours and they say, "Man, do you see what I have to deal with?" we nod and say, "Yeah, I guess I do..." even as we're reluctantly beating their faces in with a morningstar.​

Here are the links to the blog entries:
Chris Avellone (published 09-10)
Josh Sawyer (published 09-12)

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