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Interview with Tim Cain on Project Eternity

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Interview with Tim Cain on Project Eternity

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Tue 2 October 2012, 10:00:41

Tags: Obsidian Entertainment; Pillars of Eternity; Tim Cain

Link Dead Gaming caught up with Obsidian's Tim Cain to discuss Project Eternity (mainly). Excerpt:
LDG: If you, by yourself, had free reign and an unlimited budget, along with a team of your making from anyone in the industry, what type of game would you love to make next, some new IP that just might be “the next big thing?”

Tim: I have a lot of ideas for new game settings, that range from fantasy and sci fi games to a new twist on the post-apocalyptic genre. I even wrote a Fallout sequel design a few years ago, if by “free reign” you meant I could get that IP back. But I think if I had my choice, I’d make an RPG set in a new IP, which is a lot like what I am doing now.
LDG: I read that it is a more mature themed game. I am hoping that does not mean Dwarf on Elf action? What will the more mature theme mean for Project Eternity?

Tim: By mature, we do NOT mean sexual references or boobs or blue jokes. We mean we want to tackle more than linear stories with a black-and-white villain at the end or quests that are simple “run and fetch” deals. We want the player to think about how his actions affect the world and more than just himself, and we want to introduce scenarios that might not have a “right” answer. If we make the writer for the walkthrough portion of our strategy guide pull his hair and cry that it can’t be done, our job will be accomplished.
No dwarf on elf action? I'm... not sure if Volourn approves.

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