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Chris Avellone loves interviews - another one over at IndieRPGs

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Chris Avellone loves interviews - another one over at IndieRPGs

Interview - posted by Zed on Sat 6 October 2012, 03:31:45

Tags: Chris Avellone; Pillars of Eternity; Planescape: Torment; South Park: The Stick of Truth; Wasteland 2

Another interview with Chris Avellone, this time over at IndieRPGs. Topics covered include Planescape: Torment, Project Eternity and Kickstarter, Wasteland 2, South Park: The Stick of Truth and more.

Given the outpouring of interest in Project: Eternity, do you see Obsidian continuing to make games in the classic Infinity Engine style?

Yes, as long as its viable to do so – considering the success the Project: Eternity Kickstarter has had, I don’t have much doubt that players want them and are willing to support them. We’ve certainly always wanted to make games like that, it’s just been hard to find a business model that allowed us to do so. Then Kickstarter came along and everything changed.

Why real-time with pause; why not turn-based combat? How do you respond to critiques like this one from the CRPG Addict?

It’s how Infinity Engine combat is set up, and we’re fine with it if it makes it feel more like an Infinity Engine game.

Are you familiar with any of the work being done on RPGs in the indie space? Have you seen anything there that interests you?

Mostly the more prominent titles (Grimrock, Age of Decadence, Bastion, and more). All of them have interested me, and I don’t confine the indie research to just to RPGs (example: I like some games that tell a story rather than a play experience, like Dear Esther). I love all the Chinese Room games and am eagerly awaiting Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.​

I don't understand how this man has time to write and design games when he's doing all these interviews.

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