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1.16 patch for Arx Fatalis released

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1.16 patch for Arx Fatalis released

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 7 February 2003, 20:36:54

Tags: Arx Fatalis

Julien Roby was kind enough to email me telling me that the 1.16 patch for Arx Fatalis has been released, fixing the following:

- Fixed a bug with Pog and stealing the Troll Idol
- Fixed a bug with Alia not telling the right dialogue after the final cinematic
- After the Ylsides Invasion, the door in front of Maria Shop is now unlocked
- When Alotar opens the reserve, you won't have to talk to the goblin lord to get the door opened
- When Alia is rescued, a cross is added on the mini map to know where to meet her later
- Fixed a bug with the bridge in the Akbaa Temple
- Hero won't say "Not Now" anymore when trying to give the papers to Polsius in the Tavern
- Fixed a bug with the poisoned pasta & the goblin cook
- Miguel shop chests are now reset & refilled on reload
- Fixed a bug with chicken drumsticks
- Hitting the Meteor now also triggers the cinematic
- Fixed the dwarf forge
- The troll guarding the bridge (Level 3) has been moved near the stairs
- Weapons/Armors enchantment has been re-designed
- Fixed a bug with frozen objects script
- Friendly NPC's won't turn back to you anymore when bumping them from behind
- Cur0001 directory is now deleted when launching the game
- Fixed a bug with Carlo and the Queen Florence Plot
- Kultar stats have been lowered (During Ylside Invasion)
- Fixed a bug at the end of Kultar Cinematic (During Ylside Invasion)
- Added a gore flag in the cfg.ini file.​

And now for the possible bad news:

It will probably be the last patch for Arx Fatalis as the whole Arkane Studios team is now working on future projects.​

It'll be interesting to see what they're doing in the future, considering the rumors of a sequel to Arc Fatalis have been posted on RPGDot recently.

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