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Interplay Promo at

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Interplay Promo at

Information - posted by Crooked Bee on Fri 19 October 2012, 09:32:21

Tags: GOG; Interplay

For the next two weeks, is having a 4-year anniversary sale on the entire Interplay catalogue. It works about the same way the earlier Divinity sale worked:

How exactly does the promo work?

It's simple: use the slider to decide how much you are going to pay. Depending on your choice you will receive one of three packages of these fantastic Interplay Games:
  • If you pay below the average you receive 8 games, including Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business and Shattered Steel as well as 31 free goodies.
  • If you pay above the average but below $34.99, you get 20 games, including Freespace and Descent 3, along with a total of 131 free goodies
  • If you pay above $34.99, you can enjoy all 32 Interplay Games available on, with such classics like Freespace 2, Sacrifice, MDK, and Fallout series, with 742 goodies.
In short, $35 gets you the entire catalogue. Grab the games here.

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