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Inquisitor Review at RPGWatch

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Inquisitor Review at RPGWatch

Review - posted by Crooked Bee on Mon 29 October 2012, 15:03:31

Tags: Cinemax; Inquisitor

We had our own - rather negative than positive - review of Czech RPG Inquisitor not so long ago, but now RPGWatch has put up their - rather positive than negative - take on the game. Website rivalry? No way! (Our review is better.) Anyway, have a snippet:

On most of the outdoor area maps is at least one dungeon entrance and each of these can have up to five levels. These dungeons have great atmosphere though a light spell will often prove helpful. There are hidden or disguised switches, traps and poison/lava pools to avoid ( the levitate spell helps here ) and there are secret tunnels/rooms as well. ( The perception skill works for them ). Oh, they are filled with monsters too. However, there is very little variety with the monsters in each dungeon. You might, for example, find 3 different types of lizard creatures in the one dungeon, while another will just have undead skellies. There is some limited respawning on both maps and within dungeons, so an area is never totally clear, but it is minimal and usually not too annoying unless you’re trying to make it back to town with few hitpoints and no potions.

In my opinion, fights become tedious after awhile, especially as you reach the fifth level of a dungeon facing hordes of the same critters. One of my biggest criticisms of the game would be too much filler combat in an already overly long game. There is also a ‘sameness’ about each act. The NPC’s are just a little too stereotyped and similar in each city. While act 2 is more complex than act 1, much feels like little more than a variation or repeat of the same themes. It holds your interest for 2 acts, but you dread the thought of more of the same in act 3.

The combat can either be quite easy, or quite challenging. Most was easy, but the game does have several difficulty levels from which to choose. I took the easy option to save time. While it is possible to pause the game during combat, it doesn’t help much. As long as the enemies are at some distance, you can usually take them down easily. However, when you are swarmed, or if combat with a ‘boss’ level monster is initiated from very close range you can be dead in seconds. Spells not only have a cool down, but can fail, especially at low skill levels. I found using ‘Seals’ much better than spells at the lower levels. These are easily obtained and fairly cheap to buy, though they drop in chests quite regularly. As in most games, I soon found myself using only a few spells which are easy to swap in and out to your quick bar.

[...] In summary then, what we have here is an old-fashioned RPG where you really have to bring both your mind and your physical skills to the table. Nothing is made easy for you and while parts become tedious overall I found the game to be fun and enjoyable. It’s definitely not for everyone, but if you enjoy this type of game then it is well worth the price.​

Still want to read it in full? Then click here.

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