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Sven Vincke Discusses Dragon Commander Design Issues

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Sven Vincke Discusses Dragon Commander Design Issues

Editorial - posted by Zed on Thu 8 November 2012, 22:03:18

Tags: Divinity: Dragon Commander; Larian Studios; Sven Vincke

Sven Vincke is back with another long blog post. This time he's discussing various design issues Larian Studios have encountered while developing their "I want to be a dragon!"-sim: Divinity: Dragon Commander.

Here's a cut:

Then we decided that we should open up our horizons, and we started looking at completely different routes to take. And when I mean completely different, I mean really completely different. At some point, we even contemplated making the game a Master of Magic style game. Imagine that.

And then, really only then, did we go back to the original concept, and started wondering, why the hell isn’t this working? Is there something fundamentally wrong with the original idea? Were we that blinded? Or are we just inept at executing it?

And as we looked at the original concept, it dawned on us that there was nothing wrong with it. We had just refused to do one thing because it made our jobs harder, and we didn’t want to take more production risks than we were already taking.

Our mistake was that the entire game was taking place in the air.​

One can hope they return to the Master of Magic idea some time in the future...

Thanks Marquess Cornwallis!

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