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Yet Another Interplay Promo at GOG.com

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Yet Another Interplay Promo at GOG.com

Information - posted by Infinitron on Fri 9 November 2012, 16:14:26

Tags: GOG; Interplay

News from our friends at GOG:

GOG.com has been in talks with our good friends at Interplay, and we’re pleased to be able to say that we have good news! Not only are we adding four classic games from their catalog to GOG.com in the near future, but we’re also going to give you another chance to save big on the games we already have for the next week!​

Every silver lining has a cloud, though, and the reason that we’re putting the games on sale again is because we’re raising the prices on some of the Interplay games on the 16th of November as part of our new deal with Interplay. As such, games such as Fallout, MDK, Redneck Rampage and others may never be as cheap on GOG.com as they will be this next week. If you’ve been hesitating to pull the trigger on any classic Interplay games, now’s your last chance to buy and save big!​

What's crazy old Uncle Herve got in store for us this time?

Unlike the previous promo, this one is a regular sale where you can get whichever games you want for 50% off. Grab them here.

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