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Bloom - "Action adventure with a dose of RPG" on Kickstarter

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Bloom - "Action adventure with a dose of RPG" on Kickstarter

Game News - posted by Zed on Sun 11 November 2012, 15:45:47

Tags: Bloom; Studio Fawn

UPDATE: The Kickstarter campaign has been relaunched with the $50,000 funding goal: The new artwork is pretty sweet.


Yet another Kickstarter. I'm not complaining if it means more games, but it's getting harder to choose what to pledge for.

This time the Kickstarted game is Bloom, and the head developer Dani Landers (of Studio Fawn) describes it as "an isometric action adventure game with a dose of RPG elements. Set in a rich fantasy world caught in in the midst of an epic battle between nature and the re-emerging technology of the past, Bloom strives to create something truly special."

From the combat update:

First, the core functionally of how a player interacts with the world is broken into 3 categories.

1) Archery - The primary tool your character has is a bow and arrow. This is a rather weak attack in itself, but more so functions as the main tool with which you can interact with the world. You are also able to attach both enchantments and / or items onto your arrows in order to deliver them around the playing field.

2 ) Items - These are items you have on you, or find around you. From different types of plant seeds, to a crystal which can absorb an ambient enchantment effect, to just a rock sitting on the ground. You may either fire these to points on the field, or have your character directly place / interact with them. After they are on the playing field, they can then be further interacted with to create various effects (such as growing a plant from a seed on the ground).

3 ) Enchantments - This is Blooms form of magic. Enchantments are various effects you can find naturally in the environment or even learn and use yourself. They can be placed onto items, arrows, a portion of the playing field, or even yourself and enemies / creatures. Enchantment effects range from the ability to cause growth, to slowing time, to reversing forces, to causing darkness, or even calling upon small animals in the area to congregate at a certain place.​

The Kickstarter page has a pitch video up and a couple of early updates on combat and rendering tech. They have 36 days to scrape together $150 000.

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