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Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Interview at Sorcerer's Place

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Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Interview at Sorcerer's Place

Interview - posted by Crooked Bee on Wed 14 November 2012, 07:27:42

Tags: Baldur's Gate; Beamdog

Taluntain's website has interviewed Trent Oster about Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, as well as the planned EE for BG2 and even the possible BG3. Have a snippet:

SP: Which enhancement in BG:EE are you most proud of?

Oster: I'm most proud of the new content. I was playing through with Neera in the party and had an encounter with an NPC that had me laughing out loud and thinking "that is exactly how I imagined her acting". I also think the Black Pits is brilliant and Mark Meer of Commander Shepard fame did an outstanding job with the voice acting for the antagonist.

SP: How much fan created material made it into BG:EE?

Oster: Good question. There is a fair bit of fan content that is included into BG:EE, but I think very little went in untouched. In almost every case we worked closely with the modders involved to improve or revise the content to better fit the game and the average user. In some cases the modders went above and beyond their previous efforts and delivered something awesome with the additional support we were able to offer on the code side.

SP: Obsidian is currently developing a game engine based off Unity, with what sounds like a large number of customizations to streamline it for the development of a CRPG. Might Beamdog consider using such an engine for the development of Baldur’s Gate 3?

Oster: No. In my experience, an engine is all about optimization. What makes an engine fast is not the work you do, but the work you don't. With a game like Baldur's Gate, there is no other title with the same challenges and as such, no engine is optimized around those criteria. Our approach is going to be from the ground up, making an engine and tool chain which is 100% dedicated to making the best isometric party based role playing game possible. Tools and workflow will be top of the list and a powerful scripting language is the foundation for our plans going forward. I think what we build will be radically different from all current engines on the market.​

Full interview here.

Thanks Taluntain

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