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Heartbroken in Hamburg: An Interview with Josh Sawyer at Gamers.de

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Heartbroken in Hamburg: An Interview with Josh Sawyer at Gamers.de

Interview - posted by Infinitron on Sat 15 December 2012, 18:03:25

Tags: Josh Sawyer; Obsidian Entertainment; Pillars of Eternity

Josh Sawyer has given an interview about Project Eternity over at Gamers.de. In between crushing the interviewer's romantic aspirations, Josh revealed some new tidbits about the game's setting and some other stuff. Here are some snippets:

G: The setting reminds me of some kind of a „new world”-scenario. It is planed that your group will be able to use a ship to venture to another continent at the course of the adventure? Personally, the thought about an Infinity Engine-quest line on a ship excites me. It would be a perfect scenario for romantic adventures as well!​

JS: We have not yet decided all of the places you can travel in this game, but the Dyrwood is the "new world" for the settlers and there is a lot of ship travel in the area.​

G: Regarding romances, relationships were always important elements in the IE-Games, especially in "Baldur's Gate 2". Will it be possible for our PC to engage in a relationship?​

JS: We aren't currently focusing much attention on romances on Project Eternity. I would only want to include them if they feel like a natural fit. As we develop the companion characters, we'll see where their plot arcs take them.​

G: One of your last stretch goals inserted strongholds to the game. Will they differ according to the main characters class, like in "Baldur's Gate 2"? By the way, I am going to miss the bard class in “Eternity”.​

JS: We will have one stronghold that players can use, regardless of class, but we do want to allow players to customize and upgrade their stronghold in a variety of ways. The stronghold will also be used as a quest hub, with quests taking place at the stronghold or involving it in some central way.​


G: It´s probably not an easy task with a default player character but will there be opening vignettes like in “Temple of Elemental Evil”? In relation to alignments, races etc.?​

JS: The first part of the game is universal for all characters, but his or her culture, class, race, and gender will affect the story. The protagonist's background is not irrelevant, but we would rather focus the story on what the player chooses to do once he or she arrives in the Dyrwood.​

G: There was a feature in “Planescape” which I really admired back then. The possibility to talk with the dead. There are different dialects planned for your game. Therefore, will there be quest lines, which will require to learn one of this dialects in a similar vein, to advance in a game location, to open up more quests etc.?​

JS: It is quite likely that you will have to talk to lost souls, decipher odd dialects, and get help with translating forgotten languages in Project: Eternity. One of the seldom-heard dialects in Dyrwood is Hylspeak, an archaic variant of the "common" Aedyran language. People often associate it with remembering a past life, so superstitious people often have a bad reaction to hearing it.​

Another interesting reveal is that Project Eternity was originally going to be called Project Broadsword. A relic of the game's dungeon-based origins, perhaps?

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