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Arx Fatalis Review at QuandaryLand

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Arx Fatalis Review at QuandaryLand

Review - posted by Mistress on Tue 11 February 2003, 15:52:48

Tags: Arx Fatalis

Want to read more about Arx Fatalis? Pop on over to QuandaryLand then and take a look at their review.

Overall, it's a fairly positive review, although they do detail some of the niggly aspects of the game.

Magic in Arx Fatalis is unique in my experience of roleplaying games. When you collect up the relevant runes your magic book will automatically display the spells available. Then it's a matter of tracing the symbols in the air to cast a spell. It's very pretty, but there is a downside. Although you can pre-cast up to three spells and simply zap them during combat by pressing the relevant key, it's not nearly so easy to concoct another spell in the heat of battle. Whilst you're frantically trying to trace the symbols (and get them right) your adversaries have no compassion, they'll keep right on hurting you. That desperate spell could be your last.

This dangerous method of spellcasting is, perhaps, one of the most annoying aspects of the game, more precast spell slots would have helped. But really, this type of single player adventure doesn't lend itself particularly well to specialisation in the magic arts because you can't "protect" a puny mage when you are always in the front line. It's best to have a generalist character who can get in some magic damage initially, then back it up with a few solid sword swings. This worked for me and, with the exception of a couple of battles, it wasn't too gruelling. Thank goodness for the keyboard shortcut "H" for gulping health potions.

Another reason to have a generalist character is the lack of a lockpicking spell. If you can't open doors in this game you miss out on a side quest and a bit of fun thievery, not to mention some valuable experience. A specialist magic user is disadvantaged here because there isn't a compensatory quest. I'm not even sure that brute force would do the trick so don?t forget to attend to your thieving skills.​
I'm really not too keen on feeling like I missed out for choosing certain skills over others.

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