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Ultima Fan Projects in 2012: Year in Review

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Ultima Fan Projects in 2012: Year in Review

Mod News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 5 January 2013, 00:33:47

Tags: ExUlt; NUVIE; The Real Texas; Ultima; Ultima 6 Project; Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar; Ultima IX: Ascension; Ultima IX: Forgotten World; Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny; Ultima VI: The False Prophet; Ultima VII

The Ultima fan community has been notable for the prolificness of its modding community, even more than a decade after the series' ignoble demise. Kenneth over at the Ultima Codex (no relation) has written a very long post describing the past year's modding and fan project development activities.

Among the many projects covered in the post are the venerable Exult, the Ultima VII engine remake that was finally rid of its persistent "disappearing objects" bug recently, the Ultima 6 Remake and the Savage Empire Remake, remakes of said games in the Exult engine, Back to Roots, an Exult-like engine remake for Ultima IV and Ultima V, NUVIE, the much-awaited Exult equivalent for Ultima VI, Beautiful Britannia and Forgotten World, two ambitious projects that mean to overhaul the much-derided Ultima IX, and of course the Ultima 6 Project, the remake of Ultima VI in the Dungeon Siege engine. Ultima-inspired games such as The Real Texas are also given a mention.

Boy, there sure are a lot of U6 remakes. There are many more projects that I didn't mention, so be sure check that post out.

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