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THQ is dead - South Park RPG publishing rights go to Ubisoft

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THQ is dead - South Park RPG publishing rights go to Ubisoft

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 24 January 2013, 18:54:30

Tags: Obsidian Entertainment; South Park: The Stick of Truth; THQ; Ubisoft

As you may know, the game publisher THQ recently went bankrupt after a long, painful decline. Yesterday, despite the best efforts of its management, the company was publicly dismembered, as its wholly-owned subsidiary developers, licenses and intellectual properties were individually auctioned off to the highest bidders.

Among these were THQ's rights to publish Obsidian Entertainment's upcoming RPG, South Park: The Stick of Truth, which were purchased by French publishing giant Ubisoft for the sum of $3,265,306. The website of Ubisoft Montreal announces:

Company Also Acquires Rights To South Park: The Stick Of Truth

Montreal – January 23, 2013 – Today, Ubisoft announced the acquisition of THQ Montreal as well as the publishing rights for the upcoming South Park: The Stick of Truth video game, being developed externally by Obsidian.​

“This deal adds experienced developers to our internal creative teams at a key moment in the cycle of the video game industry,” said Yannis Mallat, president of Ubisoft Montreal.​

THQ Montreal
In addition to the team at THQ Montreal, Ubisoft also acquired a new, yet-to-be announced IP in development at the studio. THQ Montreal will join Ubisoft’s development teams, already the second-largest in-house development staff in the world with 26 studios in 19 countries and more than 6,250 people dedicated to video game production.​

South Park: The Stick of Truth
South Park: The Stick of Truth is being developed by Obsidian Entertainment, the studio behind Fallout: New Vegas, and is scheduled for release in calendar 2013.​

This acquisition has no material impact on Ubisoft’s current fiscal year (2012/13).​

So, what does this mean for South Park:TSoT and Obsidian? Cancellation? Not likely, since the game's development is nearly complete. The evil always-online DRM Ubisoft has been notorious for? They've promised not to do that anymore. Retarded Assassin's Creed-themed preorder bonuses and DLC? I'd bet on it!

We do know that the creators of South Park aren't very happy with this sale and would have preferred that the rights go back to them, so who knows what legal shenanigans await? Hopefully the game won't suffer any serious delays. Obsidian themselves have kept quiet on the issue, other than this lone tweet. I guess as long as somebody is paying the bills, they'll keep on trucking.

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