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Interview with Brian Fargo at Wasteland Chronicles

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Interview with Brian Fargo at Wasteland Chronicles

Interview - posted by Infinitron on Fri 25 January 2013, 22:34:06

Tags: Brian Fargo; inXile Entertainment; Wasteland 2

There's a new interview with Brian Fargo over at Russian post-apocalyptic gaming website Wasteland Chronicles. It's pretty nice, since the interviewers obviously know their stuff and they aren't afraid to jump straight to more in-depth and personal questions. Here are the most interesting ones:

Wasteland released about two hundred years ago, since then we have a generation of gamers, for which the best post-apocalyptic RPG is Fallout: New Vegas. What can you tell them about the Wasteland 2, and what the person who is not particularly well versed in this genre should know about it?

Certainly anyone that enjoyed FNV will be comfortable with our subject matter as it relates to the harsh realities and dilemmas of living in a post-apocalyptic world. Fallout is based on Wasteland as you know so there is a certain vibe that still resonates. I think what both Fallout did well and we are doing with Wasteland 2 is to push the humanity aspects of gaming.​

Fantasy games don’t tend to deal with issues that a player can identify with as much as a ruined future does. Being able to play the game the way you want and see the ramifications in a highly varied and material way is the hallmark of a great RPG. We are focused on creating that experience. If the player wants to shoot everyone in sight then so be it but there needs to me major consequences that could take the entire storyline in another direction. Having dense cause and effect is always what gamers look for.​

Many young players recognize the dignity of old games such as Fallout, Planescape: Torment and Baldur’s Gate, and they even tried to play... but could not. Painfully, these games look scary in contrast with modern blockbusters. Do you think that games have a shelf life? And in this context what can you tell, for example, about Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition as an attempt to improve the look of the old game?

Unfortunately many games do start to look very old, sound very bad or are just too hard to get running. I find the same thing with certain old movies that I quite enjoyed as a kid but when I show my kids they cannot get over the grainy look. The good news is that graphics are much better now than back in the day and I don’t expect the same leaps and bounds. I suspect a Crytek game will still look good in 10 years for example. And I have not played with BGEE but I know there is only so much you can do when trying to up-res graphics. It’s always tricky doing what they did as it’s hard to hold up to new games for a new player and the old players have already seen it.​

About clones, copycats and adaptations [I think they asked him about the idea of a Fallout TV show here - ed]​

I love all the clones and copycats because that means that Fallout touched a lot of people. Their attempts and re-creating the world is bringing them back to the emotion of the gameplay they had when enjoying the series. I’m always worried when I hear about TV or film as there are so few adaptions that made the world stay cool. Sensibilities are a hard thing to nail and it takes very little to throw it off.​

You kept in mind the concept of Wasteland 2 for twenty years. Has it changed a lot during that time? And is Wasteland 2 still your game, Brian Fargo’s game?

Wasteland 2 is my game more than ever though it has evolved in the ways of UI and sound. However, the underpinnings of it being a tactical squad based game with meaningful writing remains the same. We didn’t have many options for sound, voice and music back in the day and I really want to explore the use of the radio in a way that other games have not. I want to give the world much more texture and personality through voice than would have been possible.​

The interview also touches briefly on such topics as the upcoming Torment successor, Brian's career, and his plans for the post-apocalypse. Oh, and the Russian localization, of course.

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