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Trailer News: Dragon Commander

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Trailer News: Dragon Commander

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Thu 28 February 2013, 10:47:11

Tags: Divinity: Dragon Commander; Larian Studios

I want to be a Dragon Commander. Watch the new trailer:

Swen Vincke, Larian Studio's head honcho, penned another one of his blog entries, topic is Self-Censorship.
Admittedly, some of the topics are a bit controversial, even if we did base them on real-life issues that dominate political agendas around the world. But the wording used by our writer is pretty much in synch with Larian’s culture i.e. it’s very satiricial, and since the internet is the internet and some of the satire will be lost in translation, it’s probably inevitable that flak is going to head our way.

It also doesn’t help that our lead animator decided that on this particular game he was going to show the world what he thinks of censorship. He made the most obvious sexist camera shot ever for the introduction of the dwarven princess to the dragon knight, and then queried me whether I thought it was over the top, and whether or not such an expression of artistic freedom belonged in a game. As I was debating the issue openly I somehow managed to get half Larian around me, who vigorously let me know that censorship is a thing of the devil and what they thought about their right to aim a camera at a dwarven princess’ breasts.
Sexist camera shot, eh? Codex approves, except perhaps Roguey, but she doesn't count.

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