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GOG Plays The Age of Decadence

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GOG Plays The Age of Decadence

Review - posted by Crooked Bee on Fri 8 March 2013, 16:57:52

Tags: GOG; Iron Tower Studio; The Age of Decadence

The folks at GOG.com have given Iron Tower's turn-based RPG The Age of Decadence, currently in its beta, a try and here's what they think (as quoted by Vince D. Weller, the developer):

"... And this is one ambitious project. In one sentence, “The Age of Decadence” is a post-apocalyptic hardcore RPG game when your choices have very serious consequences.

I did not write the “hardcore” world by accident - this is a big strength and at the same time weakness of this title. It’s a real CRPG game with huge number of numbers, statistics and build that matters, that you can play with, but also break them until the game becomes almost unplayable because of the difficulty of situation you will be put in. For example I can choose to make a mercenary who is a very good trader - but when it comes to combat he can be beaten by normal thief.

So you need to think smart and think like an RPG gamer would. This is good because of the simple truth that this is a very solid RPG game, and a bad thing because it’s a niche and very demanding RPG game.

What am I trying to say is that this is not the game that I would recommend even to RPG gamers (after Skyrim and new Fallouts they became a little more simple minded). This is an old-school RPG, when you need to have a passion for this kind of gameplay, or you will be bored after first couple of hours. (...)

- Great RPG mechanic.
- Nice graphics, not revolutionary but there is a big attention to detail.
- Focus on choices and their consequences.
- Scale of the game - it looks like a huge adventure.
- Original setting - post-apocalypse meets roman empire.

- Hard and unforgiving mechanics. (Which actually might appeal to hardcore gamers)
- Poor tutorial and generally not friendly for new gamers.
- Combat can be very long and boring.
- The story is not special in the beginning.

- Is it possible to release some kind of adventure editor or maybe even game editor for this title?


This is the game for hardcore RPG gamers who will invest the patience and time to get to know it very good and only then draw a huge amount of fun from it. (...)"​

You can read about Vince's reaction to this feedback at the Iron Tower forums.

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