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Might & Magic X Gameplay Video + Developer Q&A

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Might & Magic X Gameplay Video + Developer Q&A

Interview - posted by Infinitron on Tue 26 March 2013, 19:55:32

Tags: Limbic Entertainment; Might & Magic X - Legacy; Ubisoft

With each passing day, we manage to dig up more tidbits of information about Might & Magic X Legacy from out of the dark recesses of the Internet. This time, one of our users managed to find a low quality gameplay video, which was recorded at PAX East by the staff of the somewhat unoriginally named German website "PC Games".

It looks good! Ubisoft, y u no publicize this game more?

Update: The Might & Magic fansite Celestial Heavens has posted a short Q&A with the developers at Limbic Entertainment. It's the first in a series of Q&A sessions with Limbic and Ubisoft.

CH: What is the estimated release date?

Answer: The game will be released within the year.​

CH: Is there a multiplayer option and how will it work?

Answer: No. We will not have any multiplayer features. It's a straight forward single player game.​

CH: Will movement be tile based?

Answer: Yes, the movement is tile based. It's a WASD walk with QE turning you left and right. Holding the right mouse button enables you to use the "free-look" but when you move it snaps back to the default camera position.​

CH: Will there be an online aspect of the game?

Answer: No. Buy, download, play. Depending on a the distribution platform we probably have achievements. Aside from this Uplay is required like in all other Ubisoft titles. However, Uplay needs you to be online for a one time activation.​

CH: Can you arrange party formations?

Answer: No, not in terms of "melee in the front, casters in the back". What you can influence is the turn order of your party members like "who acts when". Aside from this we have certain abilities/skills which have an impact on the combat flow. Think of crowd-control, stun, aggro reset. etc.​

So it's more about what you decide to do with your characters instead of the formation: If you have a meat shield make him take the hits due to his abilities/skills.​

CH: Will the wizards have a magic book? How will learning of spells work?

Answer: Yes - casters have spellbooks. You need to raise your magic skills (aka. spell school) with skill points from level-ups. Then you have to find the right trainer to get access to a higher tier. Finally you need to locate the right person to buy new spells. Sounds complicated? Well, noone said it's easy to be a caster!​

CH: How is this RPG different from "Dark Messiah"?

Answer: Uhm, that's probably a long list... Please don't make me explain it in detail. "Might and Magic X: Legacy" is a turn-based, tile-based, 4-party, story-telling, non real time cRPG. "Dark Messiah" is "Dark Messiah" - an awesome game but really something different.​

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