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Neal Hallford (Betrayal at Krondor) Kickstarts His New Novel - a CRPG is Next!

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Neal Hallford (Betrayal at Krondor) Kickstarts His New Novel - a CRPG is Next!

People News - posted by Crooked Bee on Thu 11 April 2013, 17:08:05

Tags: Betrayal at Krondor; Neal Hallford; Thief of Dreams

Neal Hallford, the person who wrote Betrayal at Krondor as well as Dungeon Siege, has turned to Kickstarter to fund a novel, Thief of Dreams:

From the writer behind the hit computer games Betrayal at Krondor and Dungeon Siege comes The Thief of Dreams, a new fantasy novel set in a world where magic is forbidden, where sorcerers are spies, and where a force beyond imagination threatens to transform the long simmering cold war between the nine kingdoms into a cataclysmic, world-shattering conflict.

[...] THE THIEF OF DREAMS will be the kind of sprawling fantasy adventure for which my computer gaming fans already know me. The one thing that people have consistently said about whatever I've worked on over the years is that I know how to tell a damned good story. The games I've created have been translated into a dozen different languages, and have won all kinds of awards. BETRAYAL AT KRONDOR was inducted into the Computer Gaming World Hall of Fame. I've had over a million people read the stories I've written for games -- which is kind of a strange position to be in for a first-time novelist. I've had my work adapted into a New York Times bestselling novelization, and also a movie starring Jason Statham, which is again, something of an aberration for someone trying to peddle their first book of fiction.

I'm not telling you all this because I'm terribly impressed with myself -- honestly I'm continually flabbergasted that anyone wants to hear anything I have to say -- but mainly to let you know that this isn't something I just woke up yesterday and decided I wanted to try on a whim. I'm good at this. I know how to do it. I want to write this novel. But in order to make this a possibility, I need to be able to clear off a few months from my calendar so that I can concentrate on this -- and only this -- so that I can do the concept justice, and so that you will get a novel that doesn't read as though it's been bashed out in the author's spare time.​

Check out the Kickstarter page here.

Incidentally, Thief of Dreams was the title of Neal Hallford's actual sequel to Betrayal at Krondor, supposedly set in Kesh, which unfortunately failed to see the light of day.

Why should this matter to us on the Codex? Not just because Neal has been posting on the Codex since 2011 and not just because Betrayal at Krondor is one of the most well-regarded CRPGs around here -- but also because, as Neal Hallford has stated multiple times in our forums, this Kickstarter campaign for a novel is but a stepping stone to a future campaign for a CRPG -- a spiritual successor to Betrayal at Krondor. As Neal himself puts it in one of his posts here,

This is a smaller project that plays to what I'm best known for --- i.e. storytelling --- and it doesn't require a team of people wrangling up sketches, unity demos, and play mechanics before a campaign. People get a fun fantasy novel out of it, and I can keep the lights on, the roof over my family's head, and food on the table as I both work on the book and on the design needed for Betrayal. (And I know you're thinking a book and a game at the same time? Madness! But I've done it before. I created all the narrative assets for Dungeon Siege while I was also writing "Swords & Circuitry: A Designer's Guide to Computer Role-Playing Games". And I simutaneously did the writing/design for Lords of Everquest while also writing for Champions of Norrath. So this is familiar territory.)​

So see for yourself if Neal's next novel is your thing. And of course, we'll keep you updated as soon as Neal reveals more about his next CRPG.

Thanks Charles-cgr!

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