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Telepath Tactics Kickstarter: Video Q&A, Last Stretch Goals and 42 Hours Left

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Telepath Tactics Kickstarter: Video Q&A, Last Stretch Goals and 42 Hours Left

Information - posted by Crooked Bee on Sun 14 April 2013, 18:22:14

Tags: Sinister Design; Telepath Tactics

It's been many days since we last covered the new Telepath Tactics Kickstarter campaign, and I'm glad to say it has been doing pretty well. Now, at over $36,000 at the time of writing and with about 40 hours left to go, it needs just a little closing push to make it to the $38,000 stretch goal - a branch in the main campaign - with all other relevant stretch goals already met:

Achieved! $22,000 - Extra Character Classes with Animated Sprites. This was easily our most popular stretch goal. Reaching this goal means that we'll have more visually distinct class sprites around to use for stuff like unit promotions!

Achieved! $28,000 - Dungeon Tileset with Traps, Openable Doors, Scripted Levers and Buttons. This is a really cool stretch goal because it not only means a bigger variety of tiles, it also means a wider variety of ways that characters can interact with the battlefield, which in turn means bigger mission variety.

Achieved! $34,000 - Randomized Battlefield Generation. This was the third most popular stretch goal. Procedural level generation is really tricky to pull off well, but it adds a ton of replayability when it is! Reaching this goal means I can take some time off of work to code this feature properly.

$38,000 - Extra Branch in the Main Campaign. Only just narrowly edged out by random battlefield generation, the Extra Branch stretch goal means that I will present the player with a significant decision during the campaign; this choice will affect which missions the player gets from that point forward.​

For those who hear about it for the first time, Telepath Tactics is a tactical RPG for Windows, Mac and Linux in the vein of Fire Emblem and Disgaea developed by Craig Stern of Sinister Design. It features destructible terrain, 22 unique character classes, and other features that will hopefully make it a decent to good TRPG.

There have been quite a few updates to this Kickstarter already and I won't cover them all. Here's the latest one, though - a video Q&A featuring Craig himself and a lousy built-in mic:

If Telepath Tactics looks like something you might enjoy, the Kickstarter is this way. $10 gets you a digital copy of the game.

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