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Potato has arrived!

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Potato has arrived!

Community - posted by DarkUnderlord on Tue 30 April 2013, 11:38:45

Tags: Codex Dead State Campaign; Codex Eternity Fundraiser; Codex Statue in Wasteland 2; Potato

After a long delay, our supplier has finally delivered our first shipment of long awaited potato. From now on, no longer will you get ad-free directly, you will instead get potato. Donate to one of our campaigns to get potato, then visit your My Account page (via the button up the top) to spend your potato on ad-free and other perks as they become available.

Any campaign that helps the Codex directly will usually offer around 6 potato for every whole $1 USD donated (sorry kids, we're not doing cents). Other campaigns will vary (we don't keep any money donated to the KickStarters for example - so it "costs" us in potential lost donations) though we're currently offering 1:1.

Currently, what will be our "regular" campaign: Potato 2013; has USD to potato conversion prices at 1:6, meaning:

$5 USD = 30 potato = +1 Month ad-free
$10 = 60 potato = +3 Months ad-free
$15 = 90 potato = +6 Months ad-free
$25 = 150 potato = +1 Year ad-free
$42 = 252 potato = +2 Years ad-free
$56 = 336 potato = +3 Years ad-free (with 3 potato left-over)
$84 = 500 potato = +5 Years ad-free (with 4 potato left-over)
$111 = 666 potato = +7 Years ad-free
$150 = 900 potato = +10 Years ad-free
$250 = 1,500 potato = LIFE-TIME ad-free​

... and of course donate to any of our other campaigns and receive potato too!

Now, if you donated to one of these campaigns:
+ Wasteland 2
+ Dead State
+ Project: Eternity

You've received +30 days ad-free for every $5 donated as was originally promised. That is, the total amount you've donated to those campaigns (or payments made on your behalf) / 5 * 30 (rounded-up) = total days ad-free. Not only do you get this generous ad-free time but you've also received an extra 180 days ad-free as compensation for it taking so long for me to sort all this out. In all, 263 users have been affected by this update. You can now visit your My Account page and see how much ad-free time you have.

NOTE: Just to make it absolutely crystal clear because people have asked about this, you have received ZERO potato for any donations made to the above campaigns (actually technically, you did but I took it away and spent it for you because 1 month per $5 which was promised under these campaigns is better than 1:6 potato you would've gotten if you do the math, and you already got 180 extra days, I can't go handing out potato like it's Christmas).

If you donated to the Server Slush Fund 2012 campaign, you may note we have re-jigged the prices of ad-free terms slightly (EG: 10 years costs $111 not $100). To be fair, people who donated to this campaign received bonus potato along the following lines:
* Everyone who donated >= $20 and < $35 received 30 bonus potato
* >= $35 and < $50 = 42 bonus potato
* >= $50 and < $100 = 33 bonus potato
* >= $100 = 66 bonus potato

So all those who donated a specific amount to get a certain period ad-free can still get that period (EG: You donated $35 to get 2 years ad-free, however you would have only got 210 potato @ 6 potato per $1 USD for that campaign. You have therefore received a bonus 42 potato, giving you the 252 potato now required to get 2 years ad-free).

Any donations made to the other recent or still active campaigns:
- Tides of Numbers KickStarter
- Divinity: The Sin of KS'ing Early
- Potato 2013

... have received potato as per the terms of that campaign. You may now spend this potato and gain ad-free at any time you like (or hoard it, have all potato, become potato king). From now on, all potato should be received automatically at the time you donate - after which you may spend it at your leisure.

Special campaign tags are still to come, but you will be able to enable them yourselves when that's in.

All payments should be in the system now so if for whatever reason, you can't find yours or you haven't gotten something you think you should have gotten in this update, contact me (DarkUnderlord) and I'll look into it.

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