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Obsidian Hoping To Make A New Star Wars Game With EA

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Obsidian Hoping To Make A New Star Wars Game With EA

Game News - posted by Jaesun on Thu 9 May 2013, 20:35:25

Tags: Electronic Arts; Obsidian Entertainment

With recent news of EA sealing a deal with Disney to make future Star Wars games (from developers DICE, Visceral and BioWare) Obsidian are hoping to make a new Star Wars game with EA as well reports Rock Paper Shotgun:

You’ll remember, however, that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II developer Obsidian also has a rather ambitious idea floating around, and – last we heard – it was about to lay it before the greatest Sith Lord of them all: Mickey Mouse. So then, what happened there? And where does Obsidian’s new Star Wars RPG end up now that EA’s pulling the strings? I got in touch with Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart to find out.​

“As for Disney, we didn’t end up talking with them directly, since we were waiting to see what might happen with the license as a whole,” Urquhart explained to RPS.​

Now, however, all the pieces have fallen into place, and Urquhart’s ready to see if there’s room for Obsidian in EA’s master plan.​

“We are certainly going to try,” he said. “We would love to work on another Star Wars game, and if it was possible for us to hook up with BioWare and EA to do so, that would be pretty amazing.”​

Read the full article here.

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