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Electronic Arts

There are 29 articles associated with this tag:

9-May-2022 [Community] TBL Looks Back at Starflight
6-Sep-2019 [Editorial] The Digital Antiquarian on Arthurian Legends and Serpent Isle
12-May-2017 [Company News] Report: BioWare Montreal scaled down, Mass Effect series on hiatus
13-Jun-2016 [Preview] Electronic Arts E3 2016 Conference: Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer, also FIFA might be an RPG now
5-Feb-2016 [Editorial] The Digital Antiquarian on Ultima V
16-Jun-2015 [Game News] Electronic Arts E3 2015 Conference: Mass Effect: Andromeda officially announced, coming Holiday 2016
14-Feb-2015 [Game News] Jennell Jaquays on EA's cancelled Bard's Tale IV project
26-Jan-2015 [Codex Interview] RPG Codex Retrospective Interview: Richard Seaborne on Escape from Hell, Myraglen, and Prophecy
20-Sep-2014 [Review] PC Gamer Retrospective Review - Fountain of Dreams
23-Apr-2014 [Game News] Dragon Age: Inquisition Release Date & Launch Trailer
11-Jun-2013 [Game News] E3 2013 Trailers: Witcher 3, Dark Souls 2, Dragon Age 3, South Park
9-May-2013 [Game News] Obsidian Hoping To Make A New Star Wars Game With EA
1-Apr-2013 [Interview] Matt Chat 188: Joel Billings on the Collapse of SSI
27-Feb-2013 [Game News] Footage from a 1998 Bard's Tale IV prototype revealed for the first time
17-Dec-2012 [Editorial] Bioware Meltdown Watch - The Burning of Star Wars: The Old Republic
6-Nov-2012 [Codex Interview] RPG Codex Retrospective Interview: Al Escudero on Deathlord and Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace
21-Oct-2012 [Game News] Bioware Talks Mass Effect 4 without Shepard
13-Oct-2012 [Information] Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC Announced
18-Sep-2012 [People News] Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk Leave Bioware (and Gaming Industry)
6-Aug-2012 [Interview] Ultima Forever Interviews at IGN and RPS
13-Jul-2012 [Information] Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar Press Release and Hype Round-up
8-Jun-2012 [Interview] GamesIndustry Interviews Bioware's Development Director
6-Sep-2011 [Game News] Garriott is Open to Ultima
30-Mar-2011 [Game News] Let's All Play Darkspore
5-Jan-2007 [Game News] LoTR: The White Council RPG goes lights out?
20-Jul-2006 [Preview] Eurogamer previews The White Council
18-Jul-2006 [Interview] Teh White Council intarview at CVG
13-Jul-2006 [Game News] LOTR: The White Council announced
10-Jan-2006 [Game News] LOTR RPG sort of announced

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