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Age of Decadence May Update

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Age of Decadence May Update

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 1 June 2013, 18:30:43

Tags: Iron Tower Studio; The Age of Decadence; Vince D. Weller

According to Vault Dweller, there's "nothing exciting to report yet" in this month's Age of Decadence update, but I must say, all these descriptions of the game's "R4" system overhaul seem pretty exciting to me. There are a ton of changes, so I'll quote just a few of them here:

1) Switch to 1-10 skill system as outlined here - link
2) Chargen changes as outlined here - link
3) Bonuses and penalties won't be applied to skills but to the derived stats - attack and defense​

Attack Modifiers​
- Perception (Bonus and penalty)​
- Weapon THC (Bonus)​
- Shield and Helmet (Penalty)​
- Attack types (Bonus and penalty)​
- Nets (Penalty)​
- Neurostymulant (Bonus)​
- Berserk (Penalty)​
- Arm Injury (Penalty)​

Defense Modifiers​
- Armor (Penalty - Dodge only)​
- Nets (Penalty)​
- Bolas (Penalty)​
- Consecutive Defenses (Penalty)​
- Leg Injury (Penalty - Dodge only)​
- Knockout (Penalty)​
- Mobility (Bonus or penalty - Dodge only)​

5) New special attacks:​

- Knockdown. Formerly, hammer's passive ability, now it's a 'hammers only' attack. Some people liked the passive ability, some didn't, so instead of forcing it on everyone, now it's up to you whether you want to knock some people or not. Hammers got a new and fairly realistic trait called Ground Slam! No, not really. Hammers' new passive makes them more effective against armor as it should be.​
- Split shield - same deal. It's a new 'axes only' attack. Axes got a new passive-aggressive.​
- Arterial strike - daggers and swords only, helmet DR/vsCS, +2 AP , -20 to THC, Power Damage, CS x 1.5.​

Now, two-handed weapons didn't get enough love previously. They are big and heavy and you can't do much but swing them once per turn. Not anymore!​

- Swing - poor man's whirlwind! It covers 3 tiles, cost 8AP, does regular damage, has a modest 10% to-hit penalty.​
- Cleave - single enemy, 8 AP, -20% THC, power attack damage, +20% critical chance, DR/3.​
- Double Tap - two consecutive attacks on a single enemy, +10% THC, fast attack damage on the first attack, reduced damage on the second, -10% critical chance, 9 AP​

There's also a whole bunch of screenshots, including a series demonstrating the player's summoning of a group of "Legendary Warriors" to aid him in a difficult battle. If that sounds popamole to you, I would recommending checking out the screenshots first. Read the full update, it's a really good one.

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