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South Park RPG previews and screenshots at GameBanshee

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South Park RPG previews and screenshots at GameBanshee

Preview - posted by Infinitron on Wed 5 June 2013, 17:53:42

Tags: Obsidian Entertainment; South Park: The Stick of Truth; Ubisoft

Surprise! It turns out that Obsidian's South Park: The Stick of Truth isn't vaporware after all. Apparently, Ubisoft are going to show the game off at E3, and they've allowed a whole bunch of sites to preview it in advance. Luckily, our dear friends at GameBanshee have done the heavy lifting for us. Here are a couple of those previews.


Creativity helps in combat, but it’s also necessary for navigating the school’s dangerous hallways. Butters and New Kid encounter an enemy kid standing on a huge rubbish blockade. Normally, New Kid could use his powerful fart ability to knock him from the hill, but a strategically placed fan makes this difficult. Players have a few options in this dilemma. They can either trigger a sprinkler above the fan to short it out, or use an anal probe satellite to teleport into the vents above. Once within, Butters and New Kid harness the power of the Underpants Gnomes to shrink themselves and navigate the narrow ventilation shaft. These multi-path situations look like entertaining breaks from the otherwise straightforward combat.​

[...] The presentation concludes with a standoff between Kyle and Cartman. New Kid must choose a side, and the dev at the controls chooses to fight Cartman. New Kid’s opening strike is to throw a piece of poop at Cartman (which was acquired earlier after defecating in a urinal). The fight concludes with a spectacular fart duel between the two, which plays out like two Dragon Ball Z characters blasting each other.​


Magical abilities carry grand names and DIY executions. A Lightning Volt, for example, will see one of the South Park kids dump a bucket of water on a foe, then drop a car battery with exposed wiring into the resulting puddle. Healing Touch is simply a tap on the back and a reassuring "Yeah, that's it little buddy," from Cartman. A Funnel of Frost is a fire extinguisher and Hammer of Justice... a hammer.​

Spellcasters in South Park can also unleash streams of fireworks, flaming flatulence and undead cats revived by the power of toxic waste at their foes.​

Some of those spells play out more dramatically and more punishingly depending on the timing of a button press within a certain window. The action is reminiscent of the timing-based flourishes applied in games like Nintendo's Mario & Luigi RPG series or the active reload actions of Gears of War.​

The GameBanshee staff also got their hands on some screenshots from the game. They look pretty much like what you'd expect.

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