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Might & Magic X Open Development: New Votes, Boxed Deluxe Edition Announced

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Might & Magic X Open Development: New Votes, Boxed Deluxe Edition Announced

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 20 June 2013, 20:51:57

Tags: Limbic Entertainment; Might & Magic X: Legacy; Ubisoft

The Might & Magic X Legacy open development blog has been updated frequently over the past couple of weeks. Today, the first voting session concluded and a new session has begun. I quote:

We asked you a couple of days ago what kind of dungeon you would like to create. More than half of everyone who voted has opted for creating a completely new dungeon from scratch, so that’s what we’ll do. Thank you to all who have voted!​

Here are the results from the first poll:

51% We want to design a completely new dungeon from scratch​
37% We want to revive one of the classic dungeons from the old M&M games​
12% We want to create a community-themed dungeon​

Pick your favourite dungeon tileset

So the next step will be for you to decide on the setting of the dungeon. There are three options:​

A: Castle
Dark, narrow corridors, small rooms, moist brickwork. The castle dungeon is the place to be on a summer day that’s way too hot … but on the other hand, you never know what’s around the next corner.​

B: Ruins
For those who are afraid of narrow spaces: the ruins will let you breathe more freely. Every corner exhales the air of a culture long gone, and all that remained is this formerly glorious, now pittoresquely crumbling architecture.​

C: Palace
Gloriously decorated rooms connected by short corridors – that’s what makes the palace special. There are lots of pillars, courtyards with plants and open ceilings, and daylight shines in through tiled windows.​

Besides that, there's also an additional "bonus vote". Apparently, there's been lots of demand for a boxed edition of this game, so Ubisoft have decided to produce a limited boxed Deluxe Edition, and they'd like us to vote on its cover art. I can't say the choices are particularly exciting, but according to the site they're not final versions, so maybe they'll improve.

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