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Might & Magic X Open Development: Dungeon Vote #3, Bonus Vote Results

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Might & Magic X Open Development: Dungeon Vote #3, Bonus Vote Results

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 28 June 2013, 19:36:54

Tags: Limbic Entertainment; Might & Magic X: Legacy; Ubisoft

This week's Might & Magic X Legacy dungeon vote has begun. This one seems a bit silly:

You ruined our dungeon!

Just kidding. You made an excellent pick, voting for the ruins as a tileset for the dungeon we're creating together. Thanks to all of you who participated!​

Are you a riddler or a fighter? Or both?

For the next step, we're asking you to decide whether you want this dungeon to be combat- or riddle based, or whether you would like a balanced mix of both combat and riddles. Do you prefer to hack and slash your way through your dungeon, or would you rather use your wits instead of getting your hands dirty? It's your call! And of course, for those who like both, there's also the balanced option.​

The vote will be open until next friday.​

Please vote here.​

The balanced option seems like a no-brainer, right? I suppose, however, that the relative ranking of the other two options may help the designers decide which element should predominate.

Besides that, the two bonus votes have also concluded. The winner of the first bonus vote is the subtle and stylish green cover, and the winner of the second bonus vote is "The Dangling Woods", a stereotypical bard song. I wonder if the results would have been different if Limbic had done a better job explaining what exactly that vote was for.

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