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Might & Magic X Update: Trainers and Character Development

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Might & Magic X Update: Trainers and Character Development

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 18 July 2013, 19:02:57

Tags: Limbic Entertainment; Might & Magic X - Legacy; Ubisoft

In response to inquiries from the fanbase, today's post on the Might & Magic X Legacy open development blog explains in further detail about the game's character development and skill advancement. Here's an excerpt:


Skills allow your characters to learn spells or increase their stats. Also, there are skills that grant special features (like strike twice or increase critical damage) or allow your character to equip certain items. For example, there are skills that allow your characters to wear medium or heavy armor. Without these skills, they can only wear cloth.​

Each class has default start skills. You can select two additional start skills for each character. Both default and selected start skills are automatically on skill level 1. Whenever you spend one skill point, the skill level increases by one. If the skill level of a tier is maxed out, you have to visit a trainer to unlock the next tier before you can spend any more points on that skill. There are four skill tiers: Novice, Expert, Master and Grandmaster. Each tier grants special features when unlocked. These features are cumulative, which means your character's old features don't disappear when you unlock a new tier.​

Novice Tier is unlocked by default. But in order to unlock expert, master or grand master tiers, the character has to see a trainer. Additionally, grand master tier can only be unlocked by characters who have also been promoted to their advanced classes.​


Each class can be upgraded to its advanced class. For example, as mentioned here, the advanced class of the Freemage is the Archmage. The advanced class has access to the "Grand Master" tier skills and generally improves the character with additional attribute points and resistances.​


In MMX, level-up happens automatically whenever a character has accumulated enough XP to reach the next level. When your characters reach a new level, they gain a certain number of skill points which you can spend on skills freely. Still, the rules of spending skill points have to be respected.​

Also, on each level-up, your characters gain five attribute points which you can spend on their attributes freely – and the character's maximum health and mana points are increased automatically depending on their class.​


In MMX, you don't have to visit and pay for a trainer in order to level up your characters. However, you need to see a trainer in order to unlock higher skill tiers. Trainers are located all over the map, which means you have to find them first. Also, when visiting a trainer, make sure you bring some cash!​


If you want your characters to learn spells, you have to buy them at the merchants in the arcane libraries, which can be found in the more densely populated areas of the Agyn peninsula. Again, make sure you have some cash ready when visiting them!​

As before, the full update has a bunch of screenshots, so be sure to check it out. You might also be interested in watching this video of German magazine PC Games' tour of Limbic's offices from a few weeks ago, to which Limbic have helpfully added English subtitles.

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