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Might & Magic X Open Development: Dungeon Story Contest

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Might & Magic X Open Development: Dungeon Story Contest

Competition - posted by Infinitron on Fri 19 July 2013, 21:10:25

Tags: Limbic Entertainment; Might & Magic X - Legacy; Ubisoft

After having determined the basic details of the player-designed dungeon, the Might & Magic X Legacy team has reached the stage where they can take in some real creative input. This week's dungeon vote is no vote at all:

In our former vote which ended yesterday, you have chosen undead as the monster type that will dwell in your dungeon. We can’t say that we’re overly surprised … undead are great, and they also seem to be popular, in spite of their body odour.​

What we have now is a dungeon that is based on a ruins tileset, with a balanced gameplay (combat and riddles), with a non-elemental theme and populated by the undead. What we need now is a story.​

Why does your party enter that dungeon in the first place? What are they coming for, what’s there to achieve? And what happens then?

Write down your idea for a story and send it to us. We will pick three of your stories and will present them next week, then ask you again to pick the one you like best. This story will then be the basis for our dungeon storyline.​

Here are the rules:
  • your story should be about 100 words long, not longer. Just an outline!
    • There are several ways for you to send us your story:
All these services work the same: paste in some text, click save/submit, copy the link and post it somewhere for others to read. In this case, post it in the comment section of this article.​

We’re very curious about your ideas for the dungeon, have fun!​

Hopefully, demanding quality writing from the fans of a series of games not traditionally known for its emphasis on writing won't backfire on them. Can any of you come up with an acceptable, yet suitably Codexian story?

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