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Space Shock, the Grimrock In Space which became Arkania In Space, is now on Kickstarter

Space Shock, the Grimrock In Space which became Arkania In Space, is now on Kickstarter

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Tue 23 July 2013, 15:45:15

Tags: Ideas Unbound Studio; Space Shock

Earlier this year, the Codex learned of the existence of Ideas Unbound Studio's Space Shock, an in-development sci-fi dungeon crawler inspired by Legend of Grimrock and System Shock. The project lead, Roman "Jonsnovv" Pajdlhauser even showed up on our forums, where he benefited from the Codex's sage advice. Several months later, Jonsnovv showed up again to inform us that the game had been retooled, incorporating both isometric turn-based combat and free movement outside of combat, making it more similar to the Realms of Arkania games. And then he went off the grid once more. Until yesterday, that is, when Space Shock appeared on Kickstarter:

Space Shock is an RPG game set in Space. Space Shock is the younger brother of all famous dungeon crawlers the RPG fans could play in the past and it still can be played via emulators on our beloved PCs. Space Shock will not be an ordinary Dungeon crawler, but rather Sci-fi based, which the players have not seen the likes of for years. The dungeons, forests, old cities will be replaced by huge ships, space stations and bases built on the planet surfaces and their moons. The player will take a party of heroes and needs to lead them through the real ‘Survival of the Fittest’ environment. It will be hard to crawl past all robots, droids, defense systems, aliens, mutants and get out of the ghost ship which you have boarded as a group of Space pirates. As the younger brother to all dungeon crawlers, Space Shock does not suffer from all the growing pains of its older brothers and will become a modern and revolutionary dungeon crawling game, offering everything you loved before and much more you can find in many of new RPG games.​

There are plenty more details on the Kickstarter page. The funding goal is set at 150,000 pounds sterling. Does it have a chance? Probably not. But it won't hurt to give it some publicity.

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