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Might & Magic X Open Development: Dungeon Layout Contest Finals

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Might & Magic X Open Development: Dungeon Layout Contest Finals

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Mon 19 August 2013, 20:19:52

Tags: Limbic Entertainment; Might & Magic X - Legacy; Ubisoft

In case you haven't heard yet, the Early Access version of Might & Magic X Legacy is now available for purchase on Steam and Uplay. You can read more about that here, check out a gameplay video on YouTube, or read our own official preview of this version. In the meantime, however, open development on the game continues as usual. In last week's semifinals, three fan-submitted dungeons were nominated for the final round of voting. This week, we get to choose which one will make it into the final game. The update explains:

Dear Dungeon Layout Contest participants, hi all,

Thanks again for being so creative and for sending in all these great dungeon layout proposals for the special community dungeon! All of them were really great and the devs were relieved that they did not have to choose: Only three dungeon layout proposals were going to make it into the finals!

The whole community had time to vote until yesterday and we received a lot of opinions. So thanks to all of you for submitting these as well!


These are the three finalists:

A) Riakanar by FranBurns
B) Frozen & Shade by Pita/ Piotrrnext
C) Crow’s Fortress by Sandro


Check out the full update for all the relevant details. May the best dungeon win!

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