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Paradise Cracked Interview at Gamer's Click

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Paradise Cracked Interview at Gamer's Click

Interview - posted by Mistress on Fri 21 February 2003, 14:27:35

Tags: Paradise Cracked

Gamer's Click have posted an interview with Vitaly Shutov, president of developers MiST land.

What other features does Paradise Cracked offer to the player?

Paradise Cracked combines tactics and role-playing. The game is set in the futuristic world of cyber-punk and high technology. Most of the gameplay is turn-based tactical combats, and that is why we call the game "tactical". But, apart from combats, there are NPCs, who give you information and quests; there are playable characters, each with a set of parameters ( strength, intellect, dexterity, etc.), which can be improved in the flow of the game by gaining experience and getting new levels; there is a huge game-world to wander about. And because of these things we call the game "RPG". The plot is non-linear. That is you have your major quest and, of course, the game will tell you what to do to complete it. But you are not FORCED to do what you are told to. That is, you may even forget about this major quest and simply live in the game world: wander about, fighting and killing various characters, including key-characters, who, by the way will never "resurrect" (even in script videos).

In short, I think, the key-features of the game are:

  • <LI>Elaborated and full 3D game world:
    <LI>Realistic physics and spectacular visuals;
    <LI>Best quality soundtrack;
    <LI>Great number of weapons, types of armor, etc;
    <LI>The player's ability to create a team of 6 characters, each of whom has his\her own "specialization" and even a personality;
    <LI>Numerous quests
    <LI>User-friendly interface and camera controls
    <LI>Non-linear storyline </LI>

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