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Might & Magic X Open Development: Patch Poll #1

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Might & Magic X Open Development: Patch Poll #1

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 6 September 2013, 19:02:25

Tags: Limbic Entertainment; Might & Magic X - Legacy; Ubisoft

In the latest Might & Magic X Legacy open development poll, fans have the opportunity to vote on what feature will be added in the game's next patch(!). Here's the explanation:


Thanks again for your great feedback that has reached us since the Early Access of Might & Magic X – Legacy. As we described a few times in our recent blog postings, we have started working on it already (pls. read our news to the availability of the 1st unofficial patch) and we’ll continue to do that.

However as you might imagine, each of us has only two hands, which means that unfortunately we cannot do everything at the same time. We need to prioritize the different feedback and all the features we already had on our list anyway, for the team’s schedule and put them into timing perspectives.

When talking trough your guys’ feedback, the features and fixes we have on our list anyway, we came to the conclusion that it is you, who gave the feedback, it is you, who is looking forward to the patch and it is you, who will be playing the game and our patches. So why don’t we ask you to prioritize?

No sooner said, than done:


A) Compare items (compare your equipped items with the ones in the inventory or the store)
B) Notes on the map (make your own notes on the world map)
C) Retro mode (choose the retro mode within the options menu in order to get the real retro feel)
D) Anti Spider option (choose to have spiders replaced by a placeholder)

Please note that we might implement all of these features until final release, but the question remains, which one do you find that important or that much fun, that you want to have it with the next big patch already?

We will then concentrate on implementing the winning option first. If there is still time left, we might also be able to put in one of the other options into the patch, but the first one has a definite according to your guys‘ will!​

Not sure if silly, awesome, or both.

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