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Might & Magic X Update: The Shaman

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Might & Magic X Update: The Shaman

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 18 September 2013, 21:50:52

Tags: Limbic Entertainment; Might & Magic X - Legacy; Ubisoft

Today's Might & Magic X Legacy open development blog update introduces a new class - the Shaman. This one seems to be available exclusively to Orcs.


Orc Shamans are a strange breed. They act as mediums between the material world and the spirit world, which they refer to as the “Dream World”. To enter this realm, they undergo deep trance rituals, the nature of which is specific to each Shaman. From their journeys into the “Dream World”, the Shamans bring insights that help them draw magical powers from their own demon blood.

Being Orcs, Shamans have raised resistances and above-average Health. Due to their savage nature Shamans do not need to rely on their magic alone - it’s mainly up to their individual taste whether they specialize in the utilization of magical foci, or complement their arcane skills with martial power by wielding spears or clubs. Shamans can control the four magic schools of fire, water, air and earth while excelling the latter three. Shamans are the only class that can reach the Grand Master Rank of the Arcane Discipline Skill making them the most magic resistant class in the game.


The Shaman benefits from the Orcs’ Specialties:
  • Additional safety roll (20% chance) to avoid the conditions “Paralyzed”, “Sleeping”, Poisoned”, “Feebleminded”, “Weak” and “Cursed”
  • Any damage versus demons is increased by 20%
  • Any critical damage is increased by 20% of the normal damage
BLOOD CALLER: The advanced class of the Shaman

Blood Callers are Shamans that use bloodletting rituals to amplify their magical powers and conjure the more devastating spells. They are justly feared by even their Orc brethren, because their magic has a cost that can lead them, or their co-ritualists to succumb to Chaos, or death...

The advanced class can be unlocked by a quest or NPC and grants the individual character access to the Grand Master Skill tiers and improve the character with additional attribute points and additional resistances.

Passive ability “Blood Magic”: The Blood Caller restores Mana for Health lost due to enemy attacks.


Being less versatile than the Freemage in terms of accessible magic schools the Shaman makes up by higher physical and magic resistance. Should the Shaman run out of Mana she can still deal decent damage with a mace or a spear.
Check out the full update for information on the Shaman's skill advancement possibilities.

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