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Age of Decadence September Update

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Age of Decadence September Update

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Mon 30 September 2013, 23:45:46

Tags: Iron Tower Studio; The Age of Decadence; Vince D. Weller

VD has posted another of Age of Decadence monthly development updates. It looks like the expanded backer-only demo is on its way for the mid-October release (a new version of the public demo is also likely to be released soon):

- The testing goes well and so far we’re on schedule for the mid-October release [VD here means the new demo, not the full release; don't get your hopes up too much - CB]. Naturally, there’s still work to be done and issues to resolve, but all the major problems have been fixed. Still, we want to be sure, so if you want to lend to hand and test the upcoming release, please report to the nearest recruiting station.

- At the moment, we’re working on ‘Teron to Maadoran’ transition issues at the moment, fixing issues created by the switch to 1-10 system, and finishing up the pass and the tower.

- Oscar’s also tweaking the fight with the Ordu at the pass, adding various states and variables. Maybe you weakened the Ordu, maybe you just pissed them off and they came in great numbers, huffing and puffing. Maybe you managed to boost the defenses, skills, and equipment of the defenders. And finally, if you go for the Ordu’s leaders and manage to kill them first, their men will be demoralized and suffer combat penalties. Of course, fighting the leaders when they are surrounded by their men is a risky business – they pack quite a punch and are surrounded by their men. Shaping up like a fun fight.

- Nick's almost done with the system changes, Ivan's putting on finishing touches on the demon's animations, which underwent several rounds of revisions, Mazin continues making cool concepts and icons

- I added two gangs to the Slums, another character to the pass, "expanded" a couple of characters, wrote faction and personal endings, and now I'm working on death descriptions to commemorate your failures.​

Also new screenshots look pretty sweet (click images for higher res):

For even more screenshots and images, head to the original update thread.

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