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Legends of Eisenwald Released on Steam Early Access

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Legends of Eisenwald Released on Steam Early Access

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 9 October 2013, 21:46:17

Tags: Aterdux Entertainment; Legends of Eisenwald

Aterdux Entertainment's Legends of Eisenwald showed up on Steam today as an Early Access title, priced at $15. The game's latest Kickstarter update has more details for those of you who backed it there:

Hello everyone,

we are very happy to announce that today at 9AM PST (8PM Moscow) we start Early Access on Steam! We teamed up with the Humble Store (these are the nice people who run Humble Bundle) to distribute Steam keys and also DRM-free version of the game (DRM-free will be available a bit later but very soon). By the way, all of you who backed us or pre-ordered the game will receive BOTH Steam key and DRM-free!

What's new in the game

We could have written lots of stuff here, but we will just say two things: there is a new scenario Way Home, which is the second scenario of the big campaign, plus there are mounted units! Get your copy and have fun!

Getting your key


When will the game be released in full?

The best answer we can give right now is - as soon as we can. As soon as we see the game as ready and when you and our community will consider it ready. There are ways to speed up our development process but they usually require extra resources which we don't have.

One example here is our translation process. Our game is really story driven and there are a several story lines, so the amount of translation is really significant. In our current version there is no German or French translation of the new, Way Home scenario. We are very grateful to Michael and Philippe who have been taking care of the German and French translation so far, but they have their other jobs and were unable to finish it in time for Early Access launch and we, on the other hand, didn't want to delay this launch because of that. So, we will add these scenarios in German and French later, hopefully soon and we will look for other ways to get future translations done.

Another example is testing. Despite our efforts to create something systematic, it's still a bit irregular. We talked to other teams, for example some of the guys, who did Eador: Master of the Broken World and they highly recommended using companies who do stream lined testing. And again, lack of resources doesn't let us do it, at least yet but we really hope Early Access will help us out in his respect.​

Congratulations to Alexander and the rest of the team at Aterdux. May your pile of Steambux grow high!

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