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Arx Fatalis Review on GameOver

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Arx Fatalis Review on GameOver

Review - posted by Mistress on Sat 22 February 2003, 19:18:54

Tags: Arx Fatalis

There is a new review of Arx Fatalis up on the GameOver website. Quite scathing at times, they give the game an overall score of 65%.

If I had to describe AF in just a couple of words (which I don't; I've got pages and pages available to me), I'd say "puzzle solving." Peppered throughout the game are tons of little puzzles, which at first glance seem pretty convoluted (so convoluted in fact that it too me like half an hour to figure out how to repair my weapons given a hammer and anvil). But the more you play, the more you get into the retarded, pharmaceutically-altered, minds of the game designers, and you realize that the puzzles aren't so hard. Almost like one of the old Tex Murphy Access mysteries, you combine stuff from your inventory to solve them. Put the rope on the pulley, drop the weight onto the button, jam the stick onto the hole. I'm more a roaming handyman than an adventurer. You can also combine things in your inventory to make other things, like flour and water to make bread, or a stick and a rope to make a fishing pole. It seems like there are a lot more puzzles than in your average RPG, a lot more puzzles than really necessary, unless you go in for that sort of thing​

Compared to some of the bog standard "adventurer come to save the day" game ideas, being a roaming handyman would actually be quite cool, if done right...or maybe I've just had too much coffee today.

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