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Bolt Riley Kickstarter: Adventure Game Co-designed by Quest for Glory Creators

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Bolt Riley Kickstarter: Adventure Game Co-designed by Quest for Glory Creators

Information - posted by Crooked Bee on Sat 2 November 2013, 18:36:22

Tags: Adventure Mob; Bolt Riley; Corey Cole; Lori Cole

Fellow Quest for Glory fans might be interested in checking out this Kickstarter by Oden Sharon and Adventure Mob -- for a point-and-click adventure game co-designed by Corey and Lori Cole, creators of the Quest for Glory series:

Become a Jamaican Reggae legend in an adventure game co-designed by Corey and Lori Cole (Creators of Quest for Glory series).

The game features hand drawn 2D background artwork and hand drawn cel animation. It combines all the elements of a classic point and click adventure game and includes funny dialog puzzles, exploration, wacky inventory items, and of course, a rope.

We introduce a sort of second inventory, where Bolt can use special Inspirational powers he learned during his journeys. This is similar to how spells worked in the later Quest for Glory games, where you had a separate inventory for spells.

[...] The Coles designed the second chapter of Bolt Riley, in which Bolt has to assemble his band, get instruments, and find the inspiration for his songs, and took an important role in designing the entire game.​

To clear this up, the Coles do not work on this project in parallel to their work on Hero-U; no, they actually designed the 2nd chapter of Bolt Riley before the Hero-U Kickstarter campaign. As Oded Sharon has explained on our forums,

We worked with the Coles on this in 2011. This was before we ran out of fund, and before we work with Replay on Larry. The Coles were involved in the design of all the game (including chapter 1) were part of writing the entire story.

It's expensive to make games. If chapter one succeed or if we reach the stretch goal we will make chapter 2. Without your help , this will not happen. Chapter one is nearly complete.​

It's a beautiful looking game and I hope it succeeds. In part I'm posting this as Codex news, even though I initially didn't feel like doing so, because the world also deserves to know how Replay treated Sharon and Adventure Mob when the latter were contracted to work on the Leisure Suit Larry remake:

[R]egarding the whole replay games - well, I'm already under threat of lawsuit by Replay so i can't post anything that will be considered damage or libel. What i can share are some facts:

1. Despite what someone else said we had a team working on Larry and Riley. here it is:

Who recognizes those backgrounds on our walls there?

2. Both adventure mob and replay games have done due diligence on each other late 2011. This was months before we went to kickstrater with them. So coming out of the woods with saying something like "we've done our due diligence"?
well, we already had most of chapter 1 for Bolt Riley developeed by then, a team of 20 people.
We actually found disturbing things which we choose to ignore. In retrospect maybe we shouldn't.

3. you can see that we were the ones doing the work on the larry demo here:
i can show you the code i wrote in unity. Myself.

We never got paid a dime for our work and spent tons on money on it.​

Devs of a kickstarted game behaving like publishers. Who would've thought.

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