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Might & Magic X Update: Q&A #6

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Might & Magic X Update: Q&A #6

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 7 November 2013, 17:15:17

Tags: Limbic Entertainment; Might & Magic X - Legacy; Ubisoft

The Might & Magic X Legacy team have posted a new Q&A. This one is all about game balance issues. Here's an excerpt:

Q: "Six rations are far too few! Can we get more?"

A: The number of rations you can buy at the tavern in Act one is currently balanced for Act one. It will be adjusted to the other Acts when they're released. Also, we will rework the restocking transaction. So if you still have four units for example, and you want to restock at Oscar in Sorpigal, you would only have to pay for the additional two units.

Q: "Weapons break too easily! Does 'broken' mean I can't use them anymore?"

A: "Broken" items get a penalty on some stats, but they can still be used. Melee weapons get a malus on minimum and maximum damage, while armor and shields get their armor value decreased. So the little red hammer icon does not mean that the weapon, shield or armor is completely broken and useless. It only means that it will make less damage or have less armor value until you have it repaired. The malus depends on the base value of the item and on the difficulty setting. We will probably adjust the UI so that it will be more clear that a damaged item can still be used.

Q: "Could you make the monsters tougher and more varied as well?"

A: We will tweak the distribution of monsters in the first Act of the game and even add a new type of monster in that area. Monsters might become “tougher” in terms of strength and the threat they are posing to the party, but we rather make them less enduring to trim the time it takes to fight them.

Q: "What about the broken Taunt System and the Damage/Heal-Spell efficiency difference which in combination eliminates tactics in combat and renders several of the class differences irrelevant?"

A: We are going to tackle all the issues we identified after the release of the early access version thanks to your feedback and our internal QA.

Q: "The Freemage is NOT fragile. If you spend attribute points on vitality she can actually become as robust as the mercenary (in case no skill points are invested into endurance). Just try it out. You can start a shaman, a barbarian, a ranger and a Freemage with the same HP if you distribute the attribute points identically. IMHO the class concept needs rework."

A: You are right: All classes are based around the same stats and have a selection of the same skills, so if you skill them identically they become identical in some respects. But eventually, when the characters reach their individual Grand Master ranks of their individual skills, the differences will become more apparent.

And what about …

… traps?

A: The implementation of traps was quite rudimental in the Early Access version. Traps will be utilized more often and will have more dangerous effects in the final release of the game in order to provide more importance to the use of Clairvoyance.

… items?
A: We added stat graduations of individual item quality tiers in order to create more variety. Furthermore we uncoupled the quality level of enchantments from that of the item they are attached to.

… the XP-Table?
A: We have doubled the character levels in order to offer more level ups per play time to you. That will also change the way you experience your character’s progress and development – especially in the beginning of the game.
Hmmm, they sure are attached to that particular implementation of weapon breakage, aren't they? Also, kind of a non-answer to that very specific question about the issues with taunting and healing, although I suppose it's nice that they're aware of them. Hopefully things turn out for the best.

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