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Might & Magic X Update: The Hunter

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Might & Magic X Update: The Hunter

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 9 January 2014, 19:55:35

Tags: Limbic Entertainment; Might & Magic X: Legacy; Ubisoft

With two weeks left until the game's release, the Might & Magic X Legacy team seems to have noticed that they never showed us the game's final four classes. In today's update to the open development blog, they have begun to rectify that, by introducing the Orc Hunter:



Hunters are well-known for their fierceness, their resistance and their endurance. And hell, they know how to handle that spear!


Instead of other Orcs, the Hunter’s diet is actually based heavily on the principle of “you caught it, you cook it”. Hunting provides the bulk of their diet. Orc Hunters, as all other Orcs, are also fierce warriors, capable of surviving on their own in the wild for weeks, or even years.

  • Indomitable: Orcs get an additional safety roll to avoid the conditions “Paralyzed”, “Sleeping”, Poisoned”, “Feebleminded”, “Weak” and “Cursed”.
  • Demon Slayer: Their damage versus demons is increased.
  • Fierce: Critical damage is increased.
THE MARAUDER: The Advanced Class of the Hunter

When Orc Hunters start bringing back more than just meat from their hunting trips, trifles such as jewels, gold, swords and captives, they are given a new title that honors their new status. They are called Marauders, and the best amongst them become heroes of legend, because of the spectacular stories they are able to tell upon their return.

The Marauder’s active ability: “Crippling Trap”

Marauders are nifty trappers. They can place a crippling trap on the party’s current tile that deals a substantial amount of damage to all monsters who enter that tile.


First of all: he or she won’t eat any of their party members. Promised. Instead, your Hunter will pierce every enemy that comes across with a spear very thoroughly. And in case no Spear is available – they’re also able to deal substantial damage with a bow, dagger or mace. Also, magical attacks don’t impress them a lot.
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