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Obsidian to reveal a new game at GDC 2014

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Obsidian to reveal a new game at GDC 2014

Company News - posted by Zed on Sun 12 January 2014, 19:14:32

Tags: Katrina Garsten; Obsidian Entertainment

This is actually news from last year, but I don't recall anyone reporting on it yet.

A while ago, Bradley University posted one of those alumni profile articles on an Obsidian Entertainment employee named Katrina Schnell. According to BU, she sang and played the violin for the Pillars of Eternity trailer as an intern last year, and will in January become an Associate Producer for an unannounced project. I guess that's what it takes to land a producer role. Schnell indeed.

More interestingly, the article adds:

This isn't the only game Katrina is working on through Obsidian ... that game is still a secret and will be announced at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in 2014!

The 2014 GDC will be held in San Francisco starting March 17th and ending March 21st.

Thanks, Duraframe300.

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