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Pillars of Eternity Kickstarter Update #70: Screenshots, Stats and Stuff

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Pillars of Eternity Kickstarter Update #70: Screenshots, Stats and Stuff

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 15 January 2014, 00:15:41

Tags: Brandon Adler; Obsidian Entertainment; Pillars of Eternity

After taking a break for a month, the Pillars of Eternity team is back in action with a new Kickstarter update, with all the graphical eye candy and gratuitous faux-Celtic we've come to expect. Have a snippet:


As most of you know, we finished up Od Nua (our mega-dungeon) in our last milestone. I have to say, I think it looks pretty amazing. Currently, the area team is working on our second big city, Twin Elms, and it is looking just as good. Here, take a look for yourself.

Ancient Engwithan ruins near Twin Elms.

Without getting into too much detail, the Area Designers are fleshing out the end of the game right now and everything is really coming together. The area in the screenshot above looks like the perfect place for a big fight, huh?


Most of our UI has either been implemented or mocked up to an Alpha level. The interface that we would like to show you today is the character sheet, which shows character and party information. You can find lots of useful info on the sheet including various party statistics, your reputations with Eternity factions, and character stats.

The character sheet has many useful player and party statistics.
"+1 Elardh Dwr", just what I always wanted! Notice, by the way, that the roles of the attribute scores appear to have changed since the last time they were described.

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