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Community Contest: Win a Digital Deluxe copy of Might and Magic X: Legacy!

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Community Contest: Win a Digital Deluxe copy of Might and Magic X: Legacy!

Competition - posted by Crooked Bee on Mon 20 January 2014, 21:38:06

Tags: Limbic Entertainment; Might & Magic X - Legacy; Ubisoft

There was a time when the RPG Codex didn't yet know the sweet taste of Doritos and Mtn Dew. The time when Bethesda would promptly put the Codex on their blacklist* and forbid their Obsidian minions to ever post here, under a threat worse than death.

(* Still in effect, but we're working on it.)

It's been a long time, though, and things have changed. Recently, the Codex has done two previews (1, 2) of as well as an editorial report about Might and Magic X: Legacy, the new installment in the oldschool series published by a company that the Codex of yore wouldn't have hesitated to call one of the most evil publishers to ever grace the industry, Ubisoft. The new Codex's previews, however, were extremely positive, to the point of calling MMX (potentially) "the next great title in the series", a phrase that Ubisoft may or may not want to use in their next marketing video. These previews were also absolutely unbiased, of course, and by no means swayed by the generous promise of hugs, friendship, and free Steam keys.

Coincidentally, the nice folks at Ubisoft have been kind enough to give us some spare Steam keys - enough for the reviewers, everyone on the staff (except Zed), and also, since there are still some leftovers, to stage a community contest. And this is where you, dear Codexers, conveniently come in.

The rules of this community contest are simple. To be eligible for the prize - a Digital Deluxe Edition Steam key of Might and Magic X, which includes the preorder DLC and all that jazz - you need to submit, by posting it in this thread, one of the following thingies:

- A design for a Might and Magic class. The entry must include at least one MS Paint/Photoshop picture illustrating the class, plus at least a couple of sentences to describe it.

- A pitch for a turn- and party-based first person CRPG. How would you pitch a turn-based blobber to a publisher? The pitch can be just text, a video, or a slide-based presentation. It should also read like a potentially successful pitch, naturally.

- A convincing argument to play Might and Magic IX. Yes, you've heard it right: Might and Magic IX. Will you be the first person to ever come up with such an argument? (No less than a full paragraph long, of course.) The accolades, and a copy of MMX, will be all yours.​

The contest will run for the next few days, at least -- depending on how many entries we get, and how quickly. We have at least 3 Digital Deluxe Edition keys to give away as prizes. Maybe more, if the entries are good enough. Maybe less, if most entries suck. So if you'd like a Steam key for the next great title in the Might and Magic series, do join in!

P.S. Multiple entries from one person are allowed, in case you want to increase your chances of winning.

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