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Arx review at Four Fat Chicks

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Arx review at Four Fat Chicks

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 25 February 2003, 22:23:43

Tags: Arx Fatalis

Four Fat Chicks has posted a review of Arx Fatalis, giving it a rather mixed review, as you can see by the conclusion:

In conclusion, Arx Fatalis is an RPG/adventure with a fine and involving storyline, lovely brown graphics, magnificent environmental sounds, and sensible gameplay progression?all within an atmosphere of relative freedom of movement. It offers up to 100 hours of playing time, with replay value due to various actions producing different outcomes.

Unfortunately, Arx is encumbered with an awkward and problematic interface, making an already difficult game even harder, and often hair-pullingly frustrating! Since I only have 12 hairs left, this poses a real problem.​

The only thing worse than a fat chick is a bald, fat chick!

Spotted this at Blue's News

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